29 March 2012

Sitemap 2

Gullible or not?
Global mismanagement
Green illiteracy
Meetings in the east
We have a problem
Proud of the Union
Another return
It's all down to those ""modalities""
Back to the garden
Where Africa leads …
One weeps …
An unprecedented amount of scrutiny …
Another one?
A licence to print money
Welcome to Hectare
Excused trade
A mixed blessing
The contagion spreads
Our ""strategic partners""
Problems and solutions
An economic suicide pact
Democracy is perfect
End of the line
Apocalypse soon
A new prime minister
Part of our government
No sooner on than off?
An outbreak of candour
The dirty deed is done
Ahead of the game?
Reports of looting greatly exaggerated
What will be Zimbabwe's future?
Another beef and dairy ban?
Shouldn't Brown and Cameron do ""foreign""?
We cannot afford this
Good cop – bad cop
An ex-Belgium government
Shot down by the EU
Bad form
An important campaign
Men of Iron
Playing with fire
A puzzling development
And therein lies your problem …
While the children play
A nice little earner
Missing a trick
This is too much ...
The descent into madness
First report
Too little, too late
Mature debate?
A done deal
A market solution?
The invisible takeover
Heads in the sand?
The devil's techniques
News from the big bad world
Freedom of speech – EU style
Of politics and policies
The instrument of destruction
Crossing the Rubicon
A haven for libel tourism
Fiddling while Africa burns
You know aid money works
It has come to this
A chilling tale from North
The erosion of liberties
The appeasement moves to Paris
The great biofuels con
Reactions to the Colombian rescue
The elephant lives, part 400
Of course they have immunity
The real agenda emerges
But, if you are guilty …
This is getting silly!
A blank cheque for the race relations industry
The wrong things for the right reasons
Contempt, not conciliation
""European interference""
Between a rock and a hard place
Added value
Angriff auf England
Who is this ""we""?
Spelling it out
Opportunity costs
G8 stupidity
Funny that!
Iran said today …
Priced out of the market?
Watered down
Fly the (burning) flag
End of an era?
A Letter from Limburg
Political discussions
Not a bad idea?
Glacial speed?
Could this be the answer?
Czech Republic signs agreement with USA
Anti-Americanism is not precisely new
London calling
Throwing down the gauntlet
With friends like this
National pride
Putting it all together
Winning the war
What's in a word?
It flew!
While the cat's away
Happy days!
Nerves fraying?
Stupidity squared
Elephant in the chamber
Vacuum at the centre
We hold these truths ....
Sarko scrambles to save face
More on Geert Wilders
An interesting snapshot
Just ""a question of when""
More global warming?
Not a minor spat
Do as you are told …
The right to a job
Tax is for the little people
Don't we have enough on?
Outsourcing the war
What is happening in Burma?
Holland asserts the importance of free speech
Reality check
Wrong prediction
Raiding the public purse
There is a parallel
They should be made to read this
The glory of France
Good and faithful servants
The prodigal's return
The madness exposed
Hearts and mines
Is there anything it can't make worse?
How the EU and the US are losing us the war
""It is not your business!""
Nuff said ...
Nice work if you can get it!
Light my fires!
Ukraine, Russia and the EU
Publish and be damned!
And the good news is?
A totally avoidable disaster
It isn't working very well
It's the ordinary folk who carry the can
The thot plickens
The green-con boom
Plundering the private purse
Do I wish!
Ambiguity – or the truth revealed?
One reason why we are in trouble
The perpetual motion machine
The mother of all failures
The view from Montenegro
The end is nigh?
Climate vandalism
A get-out clause?
Beyond a joke
When madness grips the land
Caught red-handed ...
Gone to ground
Money for hate propaganda
Understanding, not grandstanding
Not only the immigrants
The erosion of power
It's not cricket!
Rogues' Gallery
The real morons
A political crisis
The silence of the ""colleagues""
Global warming – Swedish style!
Detached from the political process
Ceci n'est pas une revue
""Europe"" writ large
Yet again, we are superior
The sunset of environmentalism?
No newts is good newts …
The ""underfunded"" MoD strikes again
Theatre and practice
Update on Burma
Are they thinking what he is thinking?
The elephant lives!
Spending your money
Wash your mouth out with soap and water
Fax machine law?
Rumbles from the East
Where we lead…
Now you can blame the EU
It gets worse
The edge of madness
Where is that international community?
A retreat into infantilism
The ultimate humiliation?
A bad day for MEPs
Tip of the iceberg
The very worst of the media
News of the World
Why are we unable to act?
The Greenies are worried
Inhabiting a twilight world
You read it here first!
Winning the war
""Cowen's mistake ...
Operation Barbarossa
Creatures of the night
What is to be done with the ""virtual caliphate""?
They're all at it
Tom Wise arrested
Birds of a feather
You read it here first!
A symbol of subjugation
National Journal
The people speak – sort of
Ratification ""on hold""
A ""process of engagement""
Srebrenice in the news again
It's a hard life in the tranzi world
Marching us up to the top of the hill …
At sixes and sevens
Irish ""no"" vote reduced to a ""glitch""
More on those Czechs
A recipe for disaster
News Values Today
Happy Victory Day
The destruction phase
Happy Europe Day!
Are we shocked?
Another embarrassing showdown?
Global cooling caused crash?
What next for Russia?
Political staging
Tearing apart the House of Europe
It was only a matter of time …
The blogs have it
One crisis to another
It's not that hard to understand (or maybe it is)
Another day, another failure …
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen
More equals less … or is it more?
Reinforcing a world view
And the culprit is ...
The blame game
All eyes on Serbia
A rebuke
Now, that's ""green""!
Turning the Juggernaut round
True heroism
Then there were six …
A lesson from Afghanistan
Enough already
Stealing the food from their mouths
From City Hall
We've all got it wrong
Full circle
Wheeler gets leave
Local elections?
The best laid schemes …
Not on the side of the angels
""…several decades of global cooling""
Oh this is such fun
The politics of food
The Balkans again
Be afraid …
An object lesson
Your Community airline
Well, it must be true
The debate goes on without us
A vicarious pleasure
News from the seat of the great and the good
Grow your own
The propaganda flies
Complexity upon complexity
Vintage Booker
Mail on Sunday
Some data on legislation
The real crisis has yet to come (Part 2)
Wasted opportunity
The real crisis has yet to come (Part 1)
A new era of incompetence
The women of Basra
Let's have 27 common foreign policies
The wheels are coming off …
Wasting their time …
A'boycotting we will go
No sense of shame
A black day
Well, I hate being contrary ...
An own goal
Light blogging from me
Democracy in action – EU style
Will they stop it?
That petition
Do it again
A hidden agenda?
That petition
Turning to other subjects
Lisbon or bust!
There's a thing!
A missed opportunity?
A petition
A silent edit
They might win this battle
Not Czech-mate yet
The game is far from over
One side fits all
The Financial Times clog
This is your dinner …
Stitching up the deal
The last time
Fair enough
A stealth treaty
Cat out of the bag
Those irrational Irish
A cautionary tale ...
They didn't see it coming
The game plan unfolds
The party's over
The amazing toad
A mild headache
Final results
Your Führer speaks
Pajamas media
A tribute
Yessssssss! It's no!
Don't panic … yet!
What are we to make of it?
Blog Wars
Ex Nazi supports Irish ""yes""
David Davis resigns
Extruded verbal material
Interesting publications
Oh yes?
Where there is a will, there's a way
House of Lords reject referendum
A new direction – on Europe?
And so it came to pass …
Can't help wondering
The lights are going out
No plan B?
Another book launch
Agenda setting
A glimmer of hope
Markets are good for you
A call to arms
The price of neglect
Time for a new flag
Losing the plot
A chorus of complaints
A novel way of creating set-aside
They are not taking this seriously
Another one down
Three meals from a revolution?
The scariest photo
Looking in the wrong direction (again)
A conflict of reports
A bureaucracy that will kill us by the millions
The elephant in the floods
An important new discovery
A meeting of minds (not)
An MP for UKIP
Great new slogan
A heroic, if doomed exercise?
Reduced to the status of spectators
The contradictions of environmentalism
What's in a name?
An inability to comprehend
The worst of the worst
A visit to the real world
The universal solution
Stop the scare
Prescient – or what?
A different world
North is back - the last open thread
Interesting musings
Are the MSM listening to themselves - open thread for Friday
Bye-bye Washington
The hamburger test
Figaro here, Figaro there
Bush warms to warming?
They think they've got problems?
There will be no horlix tonight
Gordon who?
What do we do about anti-Americanism - open thread for Wednesday
A problem with reality
Fickle lot, these Europeans
Operation apathy
Read this
An entertaining week?
About time, too
No further forward
Who is using whom?
Daniel Hannan is delighted
Hope there is none!
What do we do?
Leading by the noes
One could feel sorry for the guy
Chichester resigns …
And they say blogs are ""derivative""?
The new Puritanism
Well, of course it should be cut
A Letter from Limburg
An ""honest debate"" about energy
They never give up!
A beneficial (food) crisis
Stuart Wheeler
A cloying, claustrophobic ""little Englander"" mentality
Tell it to the Marines!
I suspect that those reports of death are exaggerated
Taking on the ""army of evil""
Where Japan leads …
The come-back kid - open thread for Tuesday
They catch up - eventually
He is back
A political message?
Dirty work at the crossroads
I am shocked
Enjoy the confusion
Moving forward - open thread for Monday
The bubble across the pond
Life as normal in Bulgaria
The real thing
Some things never change
Arrived safely
Falling down on the job
Marching orders
Scares goes to Washington
""Fire and ice"" threat to the world
The dominoes are falling
F**k off!
On our doorstep
The Single European Voice bleats
An open goal in the making
Why wasn't there more fuss?
A gamble succeeds
Revolving doors
A ""shadowy bank""
""Trust in me""
The real economy
And snow it goes on …
More on the mass lobby and the House of Lords
The real news from Afghanistan
North on Euroscepticism
Look far back in order to look forward
Energy saving day (not)
Reshuffle in the wind?
Tinkering at the margins
Prince Harry in Afghanistan
A matter of understanding
A good starting point…
Ploughing a lonely furrow
Ceci n'est pas un complot - absolument
Beyond imagination
Win some, lose some - part 2
The way we are governed
The limits of power
European defence – an unrealisable dream?
She chose the wrong day …
Thou shalt not be efficient
When is a riot not a riot?
Why do I bother?
A Roman Catholic Union
The lies and deception continue
Declaration of interests - 2
The end of the beginning?
A question of subsidy
A world gone mad
Declaration of interests - 1
It may be more complicated than it seems
Those wonderful tranzis
Consistent incompetence
The farce continues
Something missing
Cabotage to extinction
Nice little earner
An interesting and disturbing phenomenon
The ""train of shame""
Aren't we glad to be funding NGOs?
Knife crime
The wages of Green
The elephant lives, part 400
A milky conundrum
The parasites in our midst
Retreat to Victory (Part II)
A national crisis in the making
News from the outside world
Those power cuts
In the national interest
The way we were
A Letter from Limburg
It's purple banana time!
The Irish No Campaign needs our help
The plot thickens
What the future might hold
Lawson on global warming
An absence of government
The most appropriate response
An entertaining blog …
The rose-tinted voice of ignorance
In the country of the blind
The will of the people…
If you can read this ...
Court cases for everyone
Win some, lose some ....
That's the seventh one down
""Despised"" is not a strong enough word
The subversion of democracy
The EU scores again
The curious mindset of Mr Miliband
The perfect European
A corner turned
Wasted lives
Happy birthday
Time out
Wrong target
Dying for Europe
Maybe things ain't what they seem
The objects of our pity?
""Presentationally unacceptable""
Why can't journalists learn ....
Our invisible masters
Is there anyone at the helm?
Freedom of speech is a European value but ...
A ""defining moment""
The Times gets the point
Beyond the fluff
Coming in the ""back door""
Nick meets Betty
Another room, another elephant
Supporting the nation state
Masters of irrelevance
Events on the cusp
They not only get it wrong, they continue to get it wrong
Shoddy goods
New bottles for old wine
And so it begins
A taste of things to come
We don't do ""issues""
A Faustian deal?
An infantile refusal to accept reality
They just don't get it!
Under their very noses
A nation ill at ease with itself
Where buffaloes fear to tread
Displacement activity
Style or substance?
Five Years On - a predictable addition
Compare and contrast
Five years on
Thin edge of the wedge
Wouldn't it be nice ...
Hurrah, Belgium has a government
A no-score draw?
Shooting the messenger
Clutching at straws?
Collective punishment
Thanks for nothing
Going our way …
News from the House of Lords
Big issues
The joys of independence
Not to be trusted
Planet Notting Hill
EU speaks with forked tongue
Times are tough and taxes are too high
Time to press the panic button?
Passing the reality test
The ""miracle"" of globalisation
Get lost Gordie
Balts annoy the Commission
Worrying for the colleagues
Global Yawning
Somebody likes us!
Global storms
Who are the masters now?
Conservative MP resigns whip
The trouble with budgets
That Irish referendum
Who cares?
Retreat to victory
A customer has spoken
Fantasy politics
Barking cat syndome
The elements of propaganda
Fifty-seven minutes and one sip of water?
Election news
What is this man smoking?
Virtually unreported in Britain …
Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Renegotiation is no longer an option
And you thought it was all over?
It seemed like a good idea …
Cut their pay!
I blame the post office
Towards the House of Lords
The voices of the people
He doesn't get it
Our role is to applaud
This is not for grown-ups
Another EU failure
Inflation or deflation?
Things are not the same
The death of parliament
Lies, damn lies and David Miliband
That is what we do
Not even a whimper
A reminder
A distant disaster … not much news
All the propaganda that's fit to print
Hey, he won!
More equals less
The stuff of politics
Count-down to an amendment
""… I am really frightened""
The new imperialists
That reshuffle
Weather isn't climate!
Give us a referendum …
A House divided
Common milestones in culture
Those polar bears
Getting there
A good question
That protest
You don't say!
Thought for the day
Screwed by the EU
The snows of Kilimanjaro
Lib-Dems walk out
No longer sovereign
A taste of things to come
How we are governed
Can't resist this one
A real world crisis
It was that big!
Whither Cyprus?
Business as usual
Times change
""It will start in Kosovo and end in Kosovo""
Mushroom government
Unravelling the Gordian knot
Serving its paymasters
""Allowance abuse""
The asbestos scam
Second thoughts from the commission?
More on the fraudulent MEPs
Grown-up choices
Please, could we have a new scriptwriter?
It's not secret – it's confidential
Costing lives
So we can do business with the Kremlin?
The China effect
Just asking
Brown to visit his masters
Selling snake-oil
Has anybody thought about Scotland?
A half-way house
More global warming
Basket case Britain
The only leader worth voting for
Politics, policy and the internet
A diet of unremitting negativity
Calm sun, cold earth
They shoot horses …
Quote of the day
Who rules Britain?
1929 ""a walk in the park""
Santa's claws
What a difference a year makes
Offering a silent prayer
Michael Yon on the soldiers back from Basra
You know aid money works
A significant move
Something is going on here
Kultukampf Russian style
Useful idiots
A puzzle
""Be of good comfort, Master Ridley""
What is Turkey playing at?
And so to fish …
The measure of the beast
More social dumping
Hajrá Magyarok!
A threat of legislation
Belgium never ceases to amuse
A matter of spacing
Sanitation begins at home
Distorting the debate
The peace process processes
This issue is not going to go away
Misplaced enthusiasm
It ain't getting better
Madness stalks the land
What are we to make of this?
An antidote to Bali
What's a ZERP between friends?
Remember the Wolfowitz saga?
A stronger Union for a better world
Uncle Sam to the rescue?
I wonder if they have seen this
Win some, lose some
Ignoring the people
Let's not get emotional …
Meanwhile, back in Paris
A bit of light relief
What are we fighting for?
We are not your citizens!
Today's the day ...
Strange bedfellows
Message received and understood
Civil war? What civil war?
Commitment to the battle
That elusive national identity
Writing themselves out of the script
They are really serious
Not good enough
Are they mad?
Naked streets
Whom is one to believe?
The wilderness is getting rather crowded
The last hurrah?
Helping the Presidency
And now it's official
A glimmer of hope
This is the state we're in
A photographic feast
Leaving it to the amateurs
For God's sake!
An heroic failure
What do they hope to achieve?
Why we cannot win
Weeping after the event
The shame of Iran
Behind the curve
Now ... and then
""An ill-prepared rush""
We are on our own
They're going home
The mouse that didn't quite roar
Too much ice!
They've got it all worked out!
The single European newt
A dose of reality
We are funding this
On the one hand …
You can look but you can't fly
Charles endorses the EU
The state of the Empire
It had to happen
The great disconnect
La famille Sarkozy
The only growth industry in town
Return of the prodigal
Black gold
We’re all (not) going to die!
Arrests in Denmark
Why are they shocked?
What's going on 'ere then?
""At the going down of the sun ...""
Dial 112 for European unity
A silent edit?
Does nobody care any more?
If this is global warming …
The disappearing Labour rebels
A case-study of impotence
They can see it!
""Collective amnesia""
""An exotic and wasteful box-ticking exercise""
A reckoning to come
Crying ""dog""
Who will rid us?
Colonial baggage
Service may be interrupted
A single European police force (not)
Touching a raw nerve?
A new blog on the street
Not with a bang, but a whimper
How very sensible
We have a problem
Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Duncan?
In space, no one can hear you scream
Elections in Italy
Picture post
EU macht frei
It was never going to happen
Another failure unrecorded
The trouble with bloggers ....
""Mass producers of distortion""
""This is going to end badly""
Education, education, education
""Secretive and bizarre"" decision-making
A new logo?
A Letter from Limburg
Not drowning, but waving!
An establishment turning in on itself
We're insane - official
The new Roman Empire
A quick round-up
Mote and beam
Ooooooo … it's dangerous!
China on the brink
A corrosive indifference
A marathon trial of strength
This is global warming?
The story is over .... maybe
Too close to the truth?
The death of a petition
Democracy matters!
Another one down
A declaration of interest
EU to the rescue?
A Letter from Limburg
""I know me place""
The sins of the euro
A matter of convenience
Why are they surprised?
Overdue Retirement
Pie in the sky?
Fourteen down – sort of
A matter of perspective
Politics is dead … long live politics!
Europe House
What do they know?
A confusion of policies
The cult of the myth
The elephant lives, part 399
The poor little darlings
Fauxtography revisited
Things may be changing
Ceci n'est pas un complot
The worst of all possible worlds
Tinkering at the margins
It's what isn't said that matters
Malign neglect
It has emerged …
Memorial Days
Just keep writing the cheques
Looking on the bright side
Confusion reigns
We have only ourselves to blame
Social dumping OK!
Another one down
Lisbon for lunch
A museum of British history
Back again!
A scrap of paper
Game over
Who would have thought it?
Cathedrals of insanity
A victory for Gordon Brown
Sarko is having a bad time (sort of) - Part II
The things done in the name of being green
The failures of our government
Is this a joke?
A mean-spirited device
Somebody noticed
Those who do and those who preach
The great fishing debate
Sarko is having a bad time (sort of) – Part I
The BBC has learned
We have been here before
Capturing the mood
Well now, where do we stand on the Belgian government?
Common rules but no common sense
Keep watching the sun
An unmitigated record of failure
The perils of blogging
More on that courageous art world
The heart of the issue
You mean he does not know?
A question of attitude
An opportunity to support the ""project""
Whither Belgium?
In Foreign Fields
Another myth bites the dust
Life through a distorting mirror
A bizarre twist to a bizarre tale
The Euro-census cometh
The hidden benefits of membership
Next act in the Tillack drama
They seek them here …
Do we know what it is we do not know?
Multiplication is vexation
Lie in the sky
Unnoted connections
From Michael Yon's latest dispatch
A lack of imagination
Just be proud!
Start as you mean to go on
Closing the curtains
They are still alive
Mugabe going, Brown not going, Senegal to mediate
As ye sow, so shall ye reap
At last!
Four legs good, two legs better
The ""terror"" of it all
Is he listening to himself?
Brief news from the Anglosphere
The European Arrrest Warrant is being used in an unexpected way
Tribalism to the fore
A humourless post
Lebanon again
Despotism in the European Parliament
Why is it humiliating?
About that referendum
Of fools and angels
Rebellion in the ranks
Is he winning?
Twittering at the margins
Playing with fire
Those courageous artists
Take a referendum, any referendum
The authors of our own misfortunes
Getting to the heart of the matter (not)
By the way!
Forward the Anglosphere (again)
Hungary again
Another trivial story
Unfinished business
And your point is?
A ""true myth"" is born
Doom doesn't sell
Are they sane?
""One election does not democracy make""
How could we possibly disagree?
Madness stalks the land
Somebody likes us!
The end is nigh!
Ship without a rudder?
One ring to rule them all ...
Meet the real boss
A reminder
The single European soil
Europe can't deliver
Creative tension?
Yahoo tries to settle
The British just don't do ""visions""
Good government or self-government
The politics of contempt
Preserving the grand projet
Who guards the guardians?
A Letter from Limburg
Daniel Hannan is shocked!
Dog bites man!
The tipless iceberg
It goes on…
A short hiatus
They get there in the end
Court of Auditors Report
Anglospheric ideas in unexpected places
""A herd of pigs""
The Brown paradox
Juan Carlos one, Chávez nil
The corrosive effect of (EU) money
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
All part of the master plan
Romanians in Italy
The ""Godfather"" speaks
Falling out over thieves
Stakeholders are the ""key""
A little light on a murky trade
Foreign policy deficit
Another demo
More EU funding
The reform that dare not speak its name
Will this be the necessary compromise?
Anyone would think it was a tragedy
The UN again
Ruled by a bunch of incompetents
The noose tightens
Death of an important man
The battle lines are drawn
Brussels fudge
The Blair legacy unravels
Could someone interpret this, please?
Pro-Referendum Rallies
The fantasist speaks
More on those pesky Hungarians
Greenie Watch
Scared to Death
What a mess
What did you do?
A blue nettle with yellow stars
The drama unfolds
Those pesky East Europeans
What should the Conservative Party do about the European Union?
Italy on the rack
Who needs enemies?
Few events are more depressing than meetings about Zimbabwe
The regulatory nightmare continues
Deferring the day of reckoning
More EU grandstanding?
Controlling the debate
A load of rubbish
A conjunction of issues
The officials decide
Plus ça change …
Lofty ideals of unity?
A question of trust
Vain the ambition of kings
The Duty Europhile instructs …
The new comedy act
I thought only Americans did nasty things
The other side of the story
Taking us for fools?
Tells you everything you need to know
The Constitutional reform unrolls
There are limits …
On the lump
How very appropriate
Against all odds
What do these people do for brains?
The great demonstration
Little Gallic games
So much for scrutiny
The wages of Green
Other peoples' money
And Spanish justice
Pain in Spain
Low grade tactics
They're at it again!
Say it ain't so, Joe
Even now, they don't get the point
Pro-Referendum Rally
The dog that didn't bark
Does he speak with forked tongue?
The focus shifts?
The ping-pong treaty
A foretaste
Elections, elections
The enemy speaks
Now we know they are mad …
Government by consent
What will happen to the Celtic tiger?
Finding a way back
Meanwhile, out there in the big bad world
Taking the p*ss
Of woods and trees
How long can we continue calling them liars?
The enemy in Brussels
Under the microscope
The next reshuffle
A new role for Parliament
A Letter from Limburg
Mission Accomplished!
The last British government
Good for Britain!
Through blinkered eyes
While I've been away
Does Google know something we don't
Get it over and done with!
The fog of misinformation and incomprehension
Push me-pull you
It's all so damn predictable
A cautionary tale
Insulting our intelligence
A coincidence?
Twenty-one today
They jes' keep on gettin' stronger
Who said petitions didn't work?
Message from Istanbul
More of the same
A new world of freedom
Planet, which, on…?
Right on cue!
Well, ain't that the truth
Here we go again
A new blog
The Czechs are an embarrassment
Pot and Kettle
Behind the curve
Not good enough Mr Browne
We are soooo happy for them!
Greeks protest
Lieber Herr Kollege... I would like more power
And so it goes on, and on and on…
Hooray for the Nobel Peace Prize
A BAD moment
Calm before a storm?
Pro-Referendum Rally
Beware of presidents quoting Mill
Those who serve …
Cat and mouse?
Shock news - Belgian politicians might agree on something
Zero effect
Is he that stupid?
A sinner repents?
The soap opera continues
A battle won … but a war to fight
""Substantially equivalent""
They're at it again
News from the Goracle camp
In the bubble
Somebody has been listening
Circuses but no bread
This must have hurt
No wonder they wanted to keep it quiet
There will always be jobs for the boys
Do they know they are lying?
It's off
Shouting a little louder
Double standards
When I want their opinion I'll ask for it
The revised treaty - it's up!
Assault on the blogosphere
The minnows and power
A lack of engagement
Only connect
The European Council on Foreign Relations is finally launched
They will comply, it seems
A crack in the façade?
Clearing the decks?
Has anything really changed?
Musical (euro) chairs
It's official
Take back our government
If you treat people like fools…
Who will rid us?
A fatal miscalculation
He jes' keeps rollin' along
Is there a politician in the house?
The people are pleading with him
The capacity to surprise
Is he saying what I think he's saying?
Faking it!
Who is the bigger threat?
Being Right
Cognitive dissonance
You can't buck the market
In the national interest
The debate that never happened
Do as I say…
The end of hope
Concern is just another commodity
Upping our game
Is this real?
A Letter from Limburg
It's too late...
Treaty text
Another reminder
Our government has spoken
He who turns and runs away …
The ""debate"" progresses
Another Vector?
Mr Bolton agrees with EUReferendum
A reminder
The war goes on
They lied yesterday; they will lie tomorrow
Flying blind
An interesting time?
Where it really matters
Parish pump politics
Piggy in the middle
Plumbing the depths
Russia's war against the British Council
The contagion spreads
They really do not care
Amendments galore
Strength or weakness?
Never a dull moment
They still don't get it
Not even Burma
How little they understand
There is a new one every day
Headline chasing?
A reminder
There's no story in this
Labour isn't listening …
It gets better and better
Shocking behaviour
Rum thing, politics
The price of a soldier
A Letter from Limburg
It's The Sun wot's doing it
A little less propaganda please
Closing down the debate
A dose of reality
""A local authority in a new supranational body""
The Sun has got its hat on …
A study in irrelevancy
What is wrong with the Observer?
An interesting analysis
This is very sad
Nice work if you can get it
A ""lose-lose"" situation
A delicious conflict
A Letter from Limburg
Spot the difference
A Nato run by France?
Breaking news (sort of)
Constitutional debate in Turkey
The Macedonia problem
Break-through in the al-Dura case
Umbrella blog
A Letter from Limburg
Confusion reigns
Can anyone help?
A last ditch battle?
The reckoning
Us and them
Focused lethality
Still reading those runes
The cracks are appearing
Reduced to impotency
Thank EU very much!
Something of a myth-match
A Letter from Limburg
Here we go again - part 2
Force multipliers
Hidden in plain sight
Careful with the baby
Never mind a week ....
The dead hand of bureaucracy
Greek election results
Booker in the WSJ
Not altogether surprising
What are we supposed to do?
Can't have that, can we?
A hundred days and counting…
A one party state
Cathedral of ignorance
The Metric ""farce""
Do referendums undermine representative democracy?
The myth of the ""super-bomb""
It's started
An ""honest debate""
The tale of the Panther
The wolf is here!
Reading the runes
This is very worrying
Who will be first?
Death wish?
No ducking or diving
Spin and reality
Total stupidity
Overspend! Overspend!
The making of a myth
There may yet be hope
That's progress
That demo
We must never forget
No compromise
Cracks in the ""non-imperial"" Empire
The turning point
Bad news
Belgium again
How to be Topp in Politics
""Ignorant or malignant civilians""
Another silly Euro-myth
Nice try
Brown may ""shift"" …
Independent on Sunday
It ain't over till it's over
The law of unintended consequences
About time!
""Poisonous debates""
A broken Army?
The time has come ....
Gordon Brown hopes …
A killer of men
Up yours!
The front in front
A deliberate and brutal decision
What motivates these people?
The story behind the story
Playing it down
An ""environmental tax on food""
The annals of retreat
The games they play
Do they want to win?
Avoidable and culpable deaths
Another step in the slow process of integration
A self-fulfilling prophesy?
It's begun
A waste of space
They are afraid of the people
We're cool!
The news from Belgium
Forum off-line
""Those are words on paper…""
Going through the motions
Dousing the flames of integration
Herding cats
Back to work…
A vast network of influence
Strange bedfellows
Wither Europe?
It all went horribly wrong
It really isn't going away
The other surge
These men should be dead
Work in progress
What are we to make of this?
A few empty soundbites
Clashing ideas
Imagine this was a ""Snatch""
Oh dear, they've noticed
The ""pros"" have it
Misguided we ain't
What to make of this?
We are not wrong
What is the agenda?
Frattini on the warpath
You pays your money…
Don't mess with Texas
Do we have an unelected Prime Minister?
The shady past (and present?) of Mr Barroso
Another day, another rant
Greek fire
Let the people speak
Less money better spent
Meanwhile ....
""A public relations disaster for the US""
A gesture from the Anglosphere
More friendly fire
Never ending entertainment
Crisis in Belgium
Don't you just love this!
A portrait of a Europhile
The thin blue line
""Here's a pretty kettle of fish""
The battle of Basra
Belgium is not Europe
The great divide II
What is the point of Amnesty International?
The great divide
When thieves fall out
A mixed blessing?
What hope is there?
Update on the EU and Gaza
Then again, some things have changed
Getting it right
It woz the EU wot dun it!
Too corrupt for the EU?
Alright – I did tell you so!
And so it blunders on
How significant is this?
Can he ignore the popular press?
Call for the Guardian
An interesting question
Oh look!
Polish MEPs defy European Parliament
What is it trying to achieve?
How about doing YOUR jobs?
The farce goes on
Notice anything missing?
The Saturday ""toy""
Parallel universes
""Stop whining. It's unattractive.""
This is getting worse and worse
A thoroughly irresponsible post
This is a newspaper?
A deliberate and calculated deceit
Update on that demo
Now it can be revealed…
Another snap election to be called
A glaring inconsistency
Something really useful
Technical illiteracy
Almost all the innovations
You can't trust anyone these days
The elephant lives!
Poland complains again
Georgia does have some friends
Bloggers on the loose
A Europe of results?
Mythbusters II
A ""vindictive"" campaign
It's the subtle changes, stupid!
What is the point of this?
John Biffen
What if they say no?
Talking Turkey again
Reality begins to intrude
Lest we forget
That coup d'etat
Our masters have spoken
A single European drill
Bloggers on the loose
Losing the propaganda war (again)
Living in a time warp
No such thing as bad publicity
How do they know these were hackers?
Ploughing a lonely furrow
Shackled to a corpse?
Polish government in trouble
The demo that will not happen
Mr Brown wants to give them more powers?
Blogger round-up
It was a Snatch!
Don't EU forget
A most peculiar gesture
Now it's ""housekeeping""!
Control freaks
Speak no evil ... or anything else for that matter
The road to defeat
Put out all the flags
Libya admits to torture
A useful website
It don't mean nuffink
The real threat
A minor hiccup
Joined at the hip
Soft hypocrisy
Nine months to force a referendum
End game
Of course, they are bluffing
Passing off?
A threat nearer home
You don't say!
Is this really news?
Throwing the match?
They doth protest too much
Whom should we trust?
Something Robert Zoellick could get his teeth into
The Anglosphere at war
Gesture politics
It can't be accidental
Satire lives
Smoked elephant?
Wising up
From yesterday's Evening Standard
You cannot fool all of the people all of the time
That travel ban
A world gone totally mad
It is not going to fly … it is a dud system
That other reshuffle
You looking at us?
What is happening in the House of Commons?
What you are not allowed to know…
The story so far…
Turkey's new parliament sits
A trip to Tripoli
Blogger round-up
Not again!
And the power ebbs away...
Harvest time
A footbridge to power
Is this wise?
Not altogether surprising
Red lines! Red lines!
Shum mishtake shurely
A ""binary"" treaty
Gazprom is at it again
Bolton sees the point
It was bound to happen
A supreme government of Europe
A touch of obsession
Europe united?
A self-fulfilling prophesy
Hitting the wall
A classic non-answer
They are all so enigmatic
Diversionary tactics
The acid test
I am putting this book on my list
The fifth column
Own goals galore
Irish troubles
The ""constitutional concept…"" lie
Going private
Cynicism and modernization
Government begins at home
It certainly isn't going away
The Saturday ""toy""
That's the way to do it
It isn't going away
Have these people no shame?
Ratification woes
Will he ever die?
Time for opposition
Galileo costs to ""skyrocket"" - shock!
A good and faithful servant
Party funds
Intellectually dishonest
The £40 billion sting
Evasion, evasion, evasion
An avoidable death?
Cameron on the constitution
Comprehensive Spending Review
Quote of the day
Nowhere but down
The Hague speech
Hoist with his own petard
Tony Blair, call your office
Move on … nothing to see here!
A charmed life
EU taxes on the way
A statement in the House
The new treaty: a whopping 277 pages
Turkey has the same government
A small entertainment
An apology to our readers
They do not appear to be happy
Playing the ""Europe"" card
Global warning
An example of failure
People tend to laugh
All too familiar
We shall soon be losing this
Getting it wrong
The gamble that failed
These foreign ministers are quarrelsome
The Galileo of the internet
That's it?
Where is Giscard in this line-up?
Target Brown
The corruption of the Beeb
Taking over our health services
Go away! Just go away!
Cartoons: four jailed
That famous enigma
The spectator sees more of the game
Will he live up to it?
The help is appreciated
EU pays to be lobbied on global warming
Who does he work for?
A contradiction of policies
That petition
How to avoid a referendum
Credit where it is due
What are they trying to achieve?
Allons enfants de l'Europe!
What about the bigger picture?
If you are not winning - lie
A recipe for inflation
Too good to be true
The perfect EU policy
Global warming strikes again
Can we learn from the Russians?
That petition
The debate is not over
Sins catching up?
The wages of (in)equality
A mountain to climb
Arrogance and ignorance
Vanity first
A new cooling?
So, what is his status?
Speculation, speculation, speculation
Those cartoons again
A mindset betrayed
And now the fun begins
A strong euro is a good thing - discuss
A triumph of hope over experience
British justice
More on that ""empire""
The enemy within
Education, education, education
Swedes to make the running?
The Empire speaks
Stagnating in space
More on that value-based common foreign policy
More groundhog days
Fun and games
Sits vac
The empire's ""egregious errors""
Shock waves
Repent … the end of the world is nigh
It's an ""Empire"" – official
We pay for this
An election soon in Poland?
Second take
As Europhile as they come
Dodgy deals
Confederate Yankee v Associated Press
Is political intelligence another oxymoron?
What is Sarkozy up to?
Subtle bias, or just bias?
Galileo and Her Majesty's taxpayers
It's not a constitution, but …
A tale to cheer
No change at the top
Sisters under the skin
Banging on?
Nuclear cant
Continuing madness
Still contributing to the gaiety of nations
The great double deception
Have you noticed ...
A question of language
A good idea turned bad
Trying it on… again
Still not talking Turkey
Chipping away
Yes, but which one, Gordon?
""Jumping the shark""
French logic
The House of Ussher
Murphy's law
Rejoice, rejoice but ask a few questions
A solitary voice
What's in a word?
OK I waited long enough
Tax Freedom Day
The true masters of broadcasting
Blair's EU deal not binding
Not so innocent?
A candidate for the Green Helmet Award?
Let's be done with it
Useful to know
A message worth repeating
The Saturday ""toy""
Glasgow airport
With the greatest respect in the world
Says it all
Lèse majesté
It must be true - the Iranian government says so
Blair's poodle?
What I should like to know is ...
Happy days are here again
Not enough rain
This is not a civil war
Another recruit for the ""colleagues""
A sign of the times
Well said!
The stitch-up continues
Continuing the stitch-up
Gearing up for the fight
Did you know?
The hunting of the constitution
It never rains but it pours (again)
Elsewhere in the world - 2
The man who sold out Britain
Fanning the flames
A dangerous and deliberate obfuscation
Zoellick makes it
Elsewhere in the world
""We made a real effort to be opaque""
Grumblings in Prague
The same in Spain
We're all deviants now
Ducking and diving
Another one
Like trying to bottle smoke
Did he have legal advice?
Are they insane?
A mature debate?
""I didn't surrender""
Was it Fatah al-Islam?
""Not dramatically changed""
French (dis)information
A constitution in drag
Towards a Common Defence Policy
Back in business?
And now to the detail
Hungarian journalist is found badly beaten
""Obey your own constitution""
A coup d'etat in the making
""It's not a treaty…
A predictable end
He got paid for this?
Before he left…
We're shocked! (again)
The deception continues
Trailing in their wake
Call me cynical…
So, the theatre begins
The face(s) of democracy
They're at it again
""Little Europe"" told to think again
We're only a blog…
Right on cue
When the media caravan packs its tents…
A matter of trust
Another chapter
Salmond the Brave
A gigantic, ocean-going con
We aren't idiots
Why we need helicopters
Money for old carbon…
Still no common European policy in Lebanon
Not a landslide but good enough
Oooops, I was wrong
Will he, won't he?
A curious and scandalous mystery
Can't they think of anything sensible?
You think we've got problems
On the treaty trail
Political thought in cartoons
Going for the cheap shot
Can't win 'em all
The Saturday ""toy""
But will they make better films?
Mind games
All is explained
What is that vehicle for?
Mamma Mia!
What are we to make of this?
To sign or not to sign…
So what else is new?
Will the Poles compromise?
The blogosphere comes of age
Propaganda war
The climate change blame game
More ""Europe""?
Which side is it on?
The big three
Yahoo faces more legal trouble
Wine, women and song
A confusion of terms
Engrenage in practice
Good tunes from the devil
Negative consequences
You do have to wonder
The enemy speaks
Swell timing
Blast from the past
Spanner in the works?
Thinking it through
Another unnecessary death?
Tomorrow will be important to us all
The monstrous regiment of women
French elections
It takes a special kind of genius
If you think you know what is going on…
Shocked! We're really shocked!
Going off half-cock
In the interests of us all…
What hope is there?
""Give me liberty or give me death"" - Part I
The Saturday ""toy""
Not fit for purpose
You tell 'em!
Gosh, what a surprise
Too true
The latest betrayal
Lost in space?
The games they play
Stresses and strains
Money talks
Book burning averted
At war with his own paper?
A world safe for cretins?
More on those six days
Just thought you would like to know
Crying in vain
Six days that changed the world
President Putin speaks again
Taken to the cleaners
One mad proposal after another
The hyperventilation continues
I didn't say it was easy!
The return of self reliance
Lebanon at war
Idle hacks…
Shurly not!
We're all isolated now
Redressing the balance
The Saturday ""toy""
Rampant idiocy
What a shame
Dialogue … but only if you agree with us
The tempo quickens
A purely imaginary world
One size fits none… again
Poles ""ready to die""
Guessing about the future
Update on the Bronze Soldier
The saga of the Bronze Soldier goes on
Global rip-offs
Where power resides
How to lose the war
Not quite Bolton or Rumsfeld
Driving out the news
To debate or not
Losing the will to live
Vaclav Klaus speaks
Irish ayes
They're still trying
The news is out
Well, what a surprise!
Occupying the high ground
Decommissioning costs
What a mess
And why would that be?
Fighting goes on in Lebanon
The Saturday ""toy""
Neutralised and emasculated
Fun and games in Ukraine
They are victims again
Vedi Napoli e poi Muori
A look into the future
Harnessing the internet
A change in behaviour
The politician's victory
Damning with great praise
Bold as brass
Of donkeys in uniform
Wheat and chaff
A change of perspective
A spiritual home?
War tourism
The great disconnect
Oh this is so exhausting
What a gal!
Bulgarians are truly disappointed
Another civil war that is not happening
The Morality Police acts
Creeping sideways
A cunning plan…
Leave it to the experts?
Will the white elephant fly?
There is always the internet
Recognising the reality
Green eats green
The silence of the right
We must remember them
Why Samara?
Not the best option
BBC bias?
The Saturday ""toy""
Mad, or just mad?
The new French cabinet
There is always one
Bulgarians have groundhog days as well
Fun and games
We're all doomed (not)
Bolton rampant
Strength or weakness?
Angriff auf England
Telling it like it is
When I use a word it means what I want it to mean
Receiver tax to save Galileo?
And your point is?
They don't even fade away
A timely reminder
Driving a wedge?
Who will give the true picture?
Define peace
Easy come, easy go
Ready for compromises – but no compromise
When thieves fall out
Defence questions
Water, water everywhere
Warfare state to welfare state
Believe what you want to believe
Do you support terrorism?
Run out of town?
Useful for trade
It ain't going to happen in June
Polish court strikes down new law
The Russians are getting serious
Time to get patriotic
Unfinished business
The Saturday ""toy""
Speculation cubed
The march of the Sefra
A period of suspension
FRES is dead – long live … er?
Buying into the myth
A first for the blog
How high?
A blind spot
I did what I thought was right
Fair is fair
Mood music
Same old story
Metric victory?
Happy Europe day!
The middle ground is sometimes hard to find
Ignore the good news…
Here is one I made earlier
What if we won, and nobody noticed?
The truth will out
What's French for ""watch this space""?
A European Council on Foreign Relations?
Taking the war to the enemy
We are moving into a dark time
We're still asking
Just in time
UNRWA just cannot get it right
Job for the boy?
Great minds
A new member of our government
Personality politics
Surrender in the offing?
Moderation is not the way forward
The Saturday ""toy""
Nearing the end?
Back to two-party politics?
Is this for real?
Small things
The EU acts (not!)
Keep it simple stupid
That's democracy for you
Conceding defeat
It's voting time
This goes on and on
Free speech?
What was that about teddies?
The contradictions of Polish lustration
More waffle
Too little, too late
A lack of connections
The call of nationalism
The worse it gets…
The presidential veto
All's fair?
Recognising the challenge
Act of Union
A scream in broad daylight
View from the back
Ash trays away!
Quote of the day
No apologies
Turkey votes
Global warming denial
Last word?
The MoD strikes (not) again
Down but not out
We need Hyman Kaplan
Back in the self-referential bubble
Losing the war
European politicians v. Wolfowitz
Shush fund
Burying the dead
A game worth the playing
No wonder they don't want to talk about it
The Euroticket cometh
Another one down
The credibility of the BBC
The Saturday ""toy""
Cartoon physics revisited
A lost battle?
Calling all left-wing feminists
Interesting twist to the Wolfowitz saga
Air cover
This does not compute
Where in the world?
Three charged
A nation of wimps led by wimps
Another cost of EU membership
Counter-insurgency in the House
Mr Solana doesn't like fences
Motes and beams
Defence debate
It ain't all bad
How the media partnered with Hezbollah
The Fluffy Commissar mis-steps
We are not alone
Doing the unforgiveable: criticizing tranzi officials
Stupidity is infinite…
Herding cats
Truckers' lament
All at sea in Strasbourg
Then there were two
Which way will it go in Turkey?
Being a conservative
The space-fillers strike again
Inquiry details announced
Where sheep may safely graze
Many a slip
Funny money
Boris Yeltsin 1931 - 2007
People get paid for this?
Nelson would not be amused
News as it happens
St George's Day
A country divided?
Don't you love this global warming?
The economics of war
France votes
French turnout unusually high
Confusion reigns
A trip to Karachi
Creeping Metrication?
Hedging its bets
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
The Saturday ""toy""
They're serious
You have to laugh
Read and groan inwardly
Iranian students protest
Dog bites man
We need the freedom
Millions wasted on ""junk"" helicopters
Suing Yahoo
Xenophobia comes to town
It's all too complicated
Order! Order!
One must support the EU for moral reasons (not!)
The failure of a system
Another language
The nature of the problem
Under their noses
Just one little niggle…
A correction
Life still goes on
Another demonstration in Iraq
The Browne Statement
A world upside down
Journalism is as journalism does
Unfit for government
Can't wait to see this one
The limits of power
Return of the undead
How could they do otherwise?
The cult of personality
Some quiet pride
Gosh, some people have useful and interesting jobs
Fools rush in
National or European?
Glory on the cheap?
The faces of Britain
One would have expected a little better…
Now he's asking
A spot of blackmail
Good to know he is on the job
A very brave lady
A failed attempt
Did France betray its principles?
The Anglosphere helps out
Political acumen
Hate mail
Exposed and vulnerable
Two more join the sinking ship
The price we shall go on paying
The heroes of not long ago
A catastophic error?
Another one down…
""We apologize""
Sunday's quotation
A loathsome ploy
The political dimension
Life goes on
Heads must roll
Compare and contrast
Armchair generals
This whitewash won't wash
The rot starts at the top
Start of a cover-up?
No more goody two-shoes
The price we continue to pay
Is this the price?
Let me get this straight…
The Royal Navy has a lot to answer for
Not another common policy!
It's all the Americans' fault
You pays your money…
More sensitivity is required
Failures and complacency
An Easter present?
What sort of story do these tell?
How lucky we are
Flawed choices
Not the half of it
It can't get anything right…
The party's over
Is this quite the time?
Sigh, deep sigh
The mysteries grow
It is, probably, too late
Twenty-five years on
Convincing only himself
More detail emerges
It's taken them long enough
Not enough ""Europe""
The alternative week-end toy
A matter of respect
The Saturday ""toy""
""Appropriate measures""
Something of an irony
""One of the most democratically representative in the world""
News from Greece
They call it installation realignment
Holding to account
Still behaving like adolescents
Thanks for nothing
Turkish gambit
A proper inquiry
An interesting idea
Devolution in reverse
The Saturday ""toy""
Could we have better targeting?
The Friday ""toy""
More news from the tranzis
UKIP fine shock
A matter of perspective
Feeding the crocodile
Police raid EU offices
Should we be impressed by this?
He's probably right
Sloppy reporting
Pyjamas Media
Can't help sympathizing
Rules of engagement
Oh dear!
The pretence blown apart
Different attitudes
A foundation of lies
You can rely on the Pope
What's it to be?
Definitely not ""us""
A sense of déjà vu?
The sucess of the EU
Fifty years of surrender
The Berlin Declaration
We already had one of those
Pervasive it is…
Democracy ... but not for us
German judge does not come through
Ourselves alone
Getting it wrong
That didn't take long
A lost cause
French judge comes through
Here we go again
Some you lose and some you lose
A very worrying development
After Airbus, Galileo
The mystery deepens
Back from the brink… sort of
Competing to recognize terrorists
The power of lists
Cheap and cheerful
The winds of change
The (Tory) retreat continues
Overwhelmed to impotency
Those Iraqi figures
A lukewarm response
The battle continues
Madness or higher dialectics?
News from Sweden
The biter bit
Another eurosceptic campaign
Contempt of Parliament
Lustration in Poland, riots in Hungary
Serial dishonesty
Bureaucrats kill
Why should universities live off the taxpayer?
Are they fools or knaves?
The full facts have not come to light
The Airbus of space
Funding of parties
The price of betrayal
As I left it…
Well, of course, it is Bush's fault
Controlling the debate
The propaganda machines
Sentence upheld!
Another suprise (not!)
Slovenia rules OK!
Well, goody for them
More on that Global Warming story
How true...
Out of this world
Light bulbs and Eco-Fascism
Reporting from the West Bank
Politicians trailing
Worthy only of contempt
This will hack off the Huns
Working from home
He is really going
Two minds…
Plane stupid
London calling
An unhealthy lack of information
The Saturday ""toy""
The curse of the Eurobulb
So, is it coming in by the backdoor?
An excuse not needed
As long as they pay for it
A statement of ...
Happy New Year!
Not impressed
Food security – the coming crisis
A lot more is needed
Shum mishtake?
Something missing?
Double fudge
An alternative to committing suicide
Reckless democracy
Wham! Kerpow!
An attack against democracy
A profound and dangerous development
An exercise in hypocrisy
Who should be Person of the Year?
A year of achievement
The achievements of the European Union

Bah! Humbug!
Melly Clistmas
Another year, another pay demand by MPs
Global warming anyone?
Curiouser and curiouser
A cautionary tale
A tale of two worlds
Assisted suicide
We are owed an explanation
News from France
Poles apart
Robbing the present
Is there a lesson to be learnt there?
It ain't over yet
What the papers say
May they enjoy it while it lasts
How will you do that?
The scale of the problem
A fabric of lies...
Who is to lead?
Value for money
The bigger picture
A self-indulgent posting
I know this is a far-off country but still ....
It's The Sun wot's doing it!
What a coincidence
One size fits all
Where have we heard this before?
That's more like it!
The Sunday ""toy""
You can beat a Pinzgauer
Riots in Denmark
Hooray for Hollywood!
A certain lack of humility
The Saturday ""toy""
How dare they kick our boots with the seat of their pants?
Dog bites man…
The great guru writes…
It's a tax!
The Tories at work
French is the one
Self deception
Collective realization
Carbon credits - the new indulgences
Israel's temporary Arab president
One dead fox
A matter for contempt
You read it here first!
Airboom or bust?
Banged to rights
Wrongs and rights
UNder age
The real rapid reaction force
About as useful as anything else
Then there were nine...
Layered defences
The tide retreats
Action this day
Shock horror! (Not!)
Is this the Third Man?
You mean other countries ignore the ICC?
The way our government works
History in the making
The black hole at the heart of our defence policy
Return to Eurohistory
A matter of urgency
Authors of their own misfortunes
The difference is taxing
Did the Left lose its way?
All I want for Christmas ...
Delusional, or what?
Those generals and their ""toys""
Un-wise affairs
Arrogance or national interest?
The carnage continues
Missing the story
Hillary for president?
Misplaced priorities
Facts are optional
Cash for Kim
Now will they do something?
One to watch
Of course, we are in favour of democracy ...
Repellent, crass and trivial
Unnecessary risks
Chancellor Merkel speaks (again)
First one
Halutz goes
A tragic anniversary
C'est magnifique…
Never fails to impress
A sign of incompetence
War is too important to be left to the generals
Do we take that as a ""no""?
The Thursday ""toy""
Neither one thing nor another
Some encouraging thoughts
""Europe"" takes second place
Nine whole months?
An important turning point
Blair's Iraq statement
The alternative Wednesday toy
Stupid, stupid, stupid…
We the undersigned…
Blair ""to confirm Iraq timetable""
Meet the Flintstones
The perfect definition
The Tuesday ""toy""
Who cares?
Mugabe's achievements may be recognized
Some (relatively) amusing information
Losing ground fast
What is to be done?
Not particularly civil and not much of a service
A seriously unimportant story
Action and dereliction
A great service
Idle talk
How the mighty have fallen
The mummification of politics
I'm a Tory… discuss
And so to Gerald...
Battle of the giants
One small cheer
Geoffrey Van Orden
A fatal arrogance
On the ball?
Every little bit helps
Two more die
An autistic response
The shadow minister responds
Engrenage in action
More than private grief
Special delivery
The NFU in its usual form
Filling the vacuum
Terror warmers
How is the new boy doing?
Could the Iraqi MOI be winding up AP?
It never rains but it pours
Mote and beam
Both can't be wrong
A done deal?
Tax banditry?
Keeping up with the AP story
The ""spin"" machine
Well, it's only money
Liam Fox pontificates
Another own goal
Intruding on private grief
Neither here nor there
They have finally done it
Before and after
Something to be pleased about
More like an essential
I wish...
Our caring, sharing MoD
Pass the smelling salts
The ""inner tosser"" rides again
Independence Brown
It's a crock…
There is always a silver lining
The strange case of the ""red priest""
Doing a Harding!
Not on the agenda
It's a complicated life
Doomed, I tell you, doomed
Daily irritations
Not good enough
We have a problem
Small blackmail - not many interested
Predictable or what?
Grown-up politics
Know how he feels
Something you never thought you would see
A single European wife beater?
Piddling while Rovers burn
When parents are brainwashed
The girlie boys
I suppose this makes sense to someone
The fifth currency in sixty years
Cautiously optimistic?
Oh no, not food labelling again
""The international community must do something""
This blog can reveal...
Now there's a surprise
What kind of EU are we going to have?
The myth and the reality
Where did you get that hat?
Post-modernist politics
No apologies
Airy promises
No land, no hope, no glory

New Year resolutions
The Pink Arrows
A totally boring piece
They can stick their blue flags ....
A question of values
The Monday ""toy""
You speak not for us
A clash of cultures
One down...
And again…
They have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing
Again… and again
Education, education, education
A bunch of festering amateurs
Surrendering we will go
Gerald Ford - longest living American President
What does it matter?
Panting in the rear
The year of the blog
Looking for Gordon
God rest ye merry, gentlemen...
Merry Christmas
Sir bono?
State secrets?
""We should not fool ourselves""
Me like...
Wind towers
One step closer
The fog of war
Nothing to worry about chaps...
Questions to ask
They get paid for this? (2)
No hope, no hope at all
A word from our sponsors
Top of the wars
Should we tell lies?
Smoke, baby, smoke!
I could not resist this
Danger alert
Pass the sickbag
Here we go again
End game
All I want for Christmas...
Royal's international credentials already tarnished
The destructiveness of aid
They get paid for this?
We did win!
A single European lame duck?
A tale of two planets
When are they going to start doing their jobs?
A useful quote (not!)
Worse than bread riots
An institution in decay
Sending messages
Buy a Blair
Sour grapes
Verdict on SecGen Annan
More turbulence on the Eastern Front
Obsessive navel gazing
Told you so
Yah-boo, say the Swiss
Government prevaricates
The best speech that was never made
It was bound to happen
And your point is?
Not us, Guv!
Stupidity has prevailed
Another day...
The real Sunday ""toy""
Move on… nothing to see here!
A very poor job
A doomed currency?
A few spots of bother
Let us recall ""Captain"" Jamil Hussein
They dun it – sort of
""Monetary masochism""
The courage of Iranian students
Four reasons why…
Not exactly helpful
Can't keep a bad man down
Go, go, score that goal for Europe
Return of the prodigal
The Enron Airliner
That strange disconnected feeling
Riding for the fall
Told you so!
One for Timmy
Lost for words…
The price of a soldier
The alternative week-end toy
A failure of opposition
Going backwards
A whiff of panic
On such a slender thread
Picking at a sore
Losing the plot
Where were you?
Sounds familiar?
Gee thanks
Heh, toys and smoke
Not impressed
Mixed news from Yemen
Who cares?
An important event
Two soldiers lightly hurt
Working in wondrous ways
I shall miss this guy
What's in a word?
Open Letter to our so-called legislators
How bad is this really?
Smoke signals
Comitology for beginners
Yesterday's battles
The curse of Trident
Time to call a halt
Read this and wonder
Plenty of questions
The Great Deception continues
Booker column censored
The Egyptian paradox
Sauce for the goose
The new Byzantium?
Oldish news but ....
Yet more irony
So where was the story?
The wonder of polls
Irony compounded by irony
While we were away…
Shoddy pieces of work
A question of sources
The curse of the Eurofighter
Do we want politicians of principle?
And a very happy birthday to you, too
Not made up their minds yet
The retreat from politics – Part III
A brave face
Taking the Michael
The retreat from politics - Part II
Not impressed
Another costly and wasteful exercise?
Admission of failure
Unrest in Teheran
Lord Pearson's Bill
Pot, meet kettle
The ""happy snaps"" war
The retreat from politics
Hung out to dry
Against the law for MPs to save lives
Taliban preparing new tactics
The window is closing
Muppets' half hour
Another coalition in the making
Time to overcome outdated guilt
The Saturday ""toy""
Why should we care?
A reminder
Grannies for Gaza
UNIFIL ""shows its teeth""
Dereliction of duty?
It's the way they tell 'em
They come and they go
So much waste paper
No cheap booze online
It can be revealed…
The pictures are telling the story
Moving to the end game
Nothing had prepared me for this…
Riga mortis
We are not alone
Disaster tourism
More about la Ségo
Just in
You can't beat something with nothing
Praise indeed
The other 2008 presidential election
Same old, same old ...
Repeat after me: I am Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition
Somewhat limited visions
Womens' issues
Apparently not
Muddled thinking
A different perspective
Do we have an opposition?
For the record
Have they missed anything?
They're waking up
Another day, another international proposal
They can't cope with freedom
French socialists pick candidate
I cannot resist this
Serious Shi'ite
Tarred with the same brush?
A picture that cost £765 million
Turkey's first quid pro quo
Except for the recriminations
Another one gone
Turning into Belgium
Let's do it!
Love it!
When the fishing has to stop
When the music has to stop
The new Euroscepticism
Be afraid, be very afraid
I guess this explains it
A freakin water-taxi!
Squandered lives 2
I expect his family will be pleased
Any ideas on how to go about this?
Not a pretty sight
Leaving, on a jet plane…
How we see it
Sovereignty up in smoke
Justice is as justice does
The Beeb strikes again
Grannies or garbage?
The haemorrhage continues
Uncharted waters
We do not forget
What is it we are fighting for?
The alternative Friday toy
The wonders of Europhilia
The Friday ""toy""
Yet another war?
A toy to end all toys
A temporary expedient
Those dark days may be back again
A serious alternative Thursday toy
A window on the world
William Tell rides again
Parochial or what?
European politics just got more interesting
We really are not that stupid…
The real Wednesday toy
The alternative Wednesday toy
Privatization Polish style
A small boring detail
""Lift high the flag of Ghana""
A cause for shame?
The Tuesday ""toy""
Ségo’s pact with France
Oh dear, not again!
Not guilty!
Apparently the American system is not dying after all
The amateurs at the Beeb
What a buffoon
And still the MSM sleeps
We are all going to die
And the message is?
We are not being told the half of it
How could any of them be wrong?
A wrong 'un from the start
President Kaczynski goes to London
We could have told them that…
Mine your own business
Will this help the Republicans?
The Beeb does it again
Here we go again
What Mr Prodi needs
That ""wow!"" factor
A paradox
And so it begins...
Early warning?
Final words on the Budapest riots
Tipping points
Another courageous journalist
Out in the open
One to die for
The Al-Dura case revisited
Make Europe your revenge
Well, what do you know?
A Single European blackout
Hang 'em all
Santa's giant dustbin
Cost-effective defence
Hot air everywhere
Missing the bigger picture
What will we have gained?
Sparing his blushes?
I really must stop doing this…
Never pick a fight with a sweep
Toys ?n't Us
Cock-up or conspiracy?
It ain't overfishing
Do they know something the British population does not?
Euro impossible…
Impotence revealed
All we hear is silence
It died of boredom
Do they know something?
Hearts and minds?
God is on our side!
It's The Sun wot fluffs it
Germany to dump EU constitution?
An exercise in self-indulgence
No, this was not a revolution, not even an uprising
Serial incompetence
The ultimate oxymoron
Taurus excretus
For the times they are a-changin' - 2
Courageous film-makers
Run away... run away!
So what do we do?
My little Pinzy
Give war a chance...
The Monday ""toy""
Trampled by the bunny-huggers?
When France lost the propaganda war
For the times they are a-changin'
Totally out of their depth
What is important?
Denmark fights on and wins
Rum story from Spain
""The poor of the rich countries subsidizing the rich of the poor countries""
Do we really look that stupid?
Suffer ye children
Lightning II strikes
Time to press the panic button?
Those murderous French
Claudia Rosett says it as it is
EU accounts qualified
An odd sense of values
Wake up and smell the coffee
""Never glad confident morning again""
Bevan summed it up
A sky black with chickens...
The end of the beginning
Where Britannia?
Not quite Gleiwitz
More equals less?
In the grip of its metric obsession
The eyes have it
We are sooooo lucky
Win some, lose some
Running back?
They can't help it
Blood on their hands
Passing of a great man
Another century, another trial
Another one…
A great idea
Much ado about nothing
They haff vays of bringing you down
Can we leave yet?
Pity the poor readers
The great disconnect
What's Polish for mulberry bush?
Opportunity cost
This is the future…
There is hope for us yet
They don't want to know
Cease-fire is as cease-fire does
Speaking out
Completely mad
Another patronising, holier-than-thou post
India to pull out of Galileo?
Winning the war
Before defeat becomes a rout
What is it going to take?
Nobel prizes, Turkey and France
Now pull the other one
After the hubris…
Opinion polls do not lie (yeah right!)
Get some professionals in
Historical date
They, too, should read EUReferendum
The march of the amateurs
The big lie or many small lies?
The most likely person wins
Getting there…
Entertainment from Norway
Back inside
The fame and the glory
Oh how sad
Crime and punishment
On hacking back the jungle
Vlaams Belang powers ahead
The EU is non-judgemental
Death of another courageous journalist
Another time waster
What, if anything, are you going to do?
A veil of tears
But what do they need?
Always there when you need them
Wrong call
Wouldn't it be nice ....
Choosing sides - 3
Lucky escape
The real rubbish
So what?
The heart bleeds
""Shambles"" is too mild a word
There's always somewhere else you can go
On the road to disaster
Not a pretty sight
Failures galore
I read it in the papers...
Another ""Snatch""
The minnows march
This truce is an accord
A ""little bit pregnant""
Needed: German national identity
They keep on making encouraging noises
The Thursday ""toy""
Second time around
Luftwaffe to the rescue - not
Good to hear sense from somebody
Interesting news from North Korea
We shall deal with it
A great lady
Why should it?
The chain saw massacres
How appropriate
On to the next one
It's that time of the year again
The real thing
Adding to the confusion
The great debate
Same old, same old ...
Thunderbirds are go!
There was something odd about it
Difficult to believe, but…
One small step for a Tory Party
I can't believe he actually said that…
One's heart bleeds for the Grauniad
Errm, why?
To celebrate or not to celebrate?
Talking rubbish
This democracy thingie
Too old to fight?
No shame, no honour
Elections inside and outside the EU
Will the European Parliament condemn this?
A fatal disconnect
Not fit for purpose
We can't all be wrong
The hidden arm of the law
Pseud's corner
What more can you say?
Trouble in Francophonie
The fate of the Union?
Give me money, that's what I want
Who says UNIFIL is doing nothing
Damned and double-damned
A love letter from the MSM
Choosing sides - 2
Blog with attitude
If you really want to know what is going on ....
Non-news about non-negotiations
Medals galore
A matter of perspective
An opportunity?
They are lining up
When is a riot not a riot?
The real business of politics - 2
The real business of politics
What's in a name?
The long farewell…
This is quite interesting
Disingenuous, or what?
Bloggers - which is it to be?
Why am I not surprised?
Irish academics really, really believe in academic freedom
EU in the frame
Invasion of the blogosphere
A ""European"" victory?
In their tender care - revisited
Ever popular
The erosion of freedoms
This does not look good
Is Osama Bin Laden dead?
Cloth for brains
A fight over principles in France
Smoke and fire
Peace keepers in southern Lebanon
The European Union shows its strength, as usual
Yet more parochialism
Well, there's a surprise
The sky is not falling in...
News from Iran
He doesn't use the internet
Will you pay our fines?
Which is which?
Getting above their station
Britons ever shall be slaves
When all we can do is bitch
Winds of change?
Outing the lobbyists
Choosing sides - 1
Is there a hidden message?
Under-rated blog of the week
Making you feel better
The real enemy
Why on earth should he resign?
This may cheer up a lot of our readers
A Eurosceptic paper?
More grand but futile statements
A great day...
Another own goal
None so blind…
National identity
Putting it all together
Is this an apology?
A dialogue of reason
Death of a courageous journalist
Why don't they just belt up?
Little things…
Well, they've buggered that one up
The words motes and beams spring to mind
Nothing seems to change
Even the bureaucrats are complaining…
A failure to communicate
Media tarts
Someone seems impressed by Western negotiations with Iran
European Union backtracks on promises
The king minnow
A little more attention would go a long way
The legacy of Mr Heseltine
Freedom of the media, Chinese style
Two million up
Snarl mode
Under-rated blog of the week
The challenge of reality
The struggle continues
A very slight inconsistency
A nation at war
Our own worst enemies
What is wrong with these gormless hacks?
What to do about Darfur?
We cannot afford to play fast and loose
More parochial stuff
Who holds the media to account?
Neither strength nor unity
Trouble on the eastern border
The wrong sort of government
OK, this is a little parochial
They are all going to New York
Just how valuable is public opinion?
When is it going to stop?
Dying of ignorance
What a good question
A reversal of roles
The stinger stung
PDF report available
Gone and largely forgotten
What a great idea
Why don't they just go away?
Criminal incompetence
They are getting there slowly
Sarkozy in the lead
No war crimes in Darfur
The tyranny of the officials
Late and badly…
Squandered lives
Our fundamentally unserious media
They catch up … eventually
Which bit of useless?
2011? Do I hear 2014?
The realities of power
Not on this planet
Press Complaints Commission
An international crisis
Love is blind
She doth protest too much, too late…
So it goes on…
Shifting populations - 2
Shifting populations - 1
Can't resist this
An industry in denial
A little known fact about Sir Alfred Sherman
The scum that they really are
Well, that just goes to show
Remembering Katrina
Drawing a line
Wishful thinking
This has to be copied out
That's where our money goes
Was it the EU's fault?
Sheer sentimentality
The British are running
The game they are playing
Bloggers win and lose .... but mostly win
Can't let the Italians lead
It would be funny if...
You thought it was over?
Green Helmet update
The Irish Question reappears
The enemy between
Abbas hands over the money
Sadly, they have no shame
Just a reminder
They will come to Beirut (maybe)
A single picture...
Our hidden government
Madness abroad
At least somebody has noticed
Ignorance on parade
That's not a piranha
The alternative Tuesday toy
A damp squib?
The root of all evil?
The Monday ""toy""
Realism 2
By their friends shall you know them
Unfit for office
The Sunday ""toy""
The alternative week-end toy
A little bit of realism is needed
The Boy speaks
And the real Saturday ""toy""
The real big brother
Raising the game
Here comes the next truce
Ahmed Abu Laban dies
Wouldn't it be nice for this country to be first again in something
The alternative Friday toy
We already have joined
The public intellectual's travails
Death of a photographer who deserved the Pulitzer Prize
Conclusive evidence?
The wrong kind of war
Your bluff has been called
Faking it!
More on that international contingent
Getting there
What can you expect with those A-level results?
What will France do next?
This is getting ridiculous
Now we can all sleep soundly
Why the Left is worried
Speak loudly and carry a very small stick
I suppose he was on holiday
We've found it
The Corruption of the Media
Part 1 - Introduction
The Friday ""toy""
Part 2 - The ""set""
Part 3 - Act 1: The dead baby
Part 4 - Act 2: The Red Cross workers
Part 5 - Act 3: The camera runs - Scene 1
Part 6 - Act 3: The camera runs - Scene 2
Part 7 - Act 4: Caught in the act!
Part 8 - Discussion and conclusions
Appendix 1 - The ""Stretcher Alley"" mystery
Appendix 2 - The ""reburying"" controversy
Breaking news
Another great idea from the Finnish Presidency
What will they do if they return?
More news
Great news
The horrors of war
Keeping it in the family
A little photo-manipulation
More filth from AP
Who is to run our foreign policy?
A demonstration of commitment
Green Helmet exposed
It's all the same war!
The religion of peace
I'm no Hezbolla guy
Compare and contrast
All the world's a stage
Lights, Camera, Action!
UN diplomacy stalls (again)
The BBC speaks
Arabs On Line
Funny thing that…
Death is a commodity
Green Helmet goes under cover
What we are up against
Second one down
Are we in denial?
The lies they tell…
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Only after scrutiny…
""Don't preach to us""
The anti-NGO law begins to bite
From Walter Duranty to Green Helmet and beyond
A parallel universe
Another fan letter from the MSM
The Daily Hezbollagraph
Qana - the director's cut
Back to the real world
A seriously unimportant jokey posting
Alright, explain this one!
""Vital to telling the story""
Stretcher Alley
This should do it
What do the French want? To be in charge
State of play
Now I feel better
Game, set and match
Where is that European foreign policy?
We need to know the truth
The ""Green Helmet"" mystery continues
Back in Germany
Guess who has been nominated for the Peace Prize?
Who is this man?
Meanwhile in another part of the battlefront
Milking it?
In whose interest?
Looking the other way
Fred Karno's European Army
Conflicting signals
Did we miss something?
What would we do without the French
Blair's forgotten war (2)
Another great idea from the Fluffy Fragrant Commissar
The way forward
Blair's forgotten war
The power of the Union
Rethinking our role
They're not even in the game
Reaching the limits
Mystery solved
A culture of denial
One day they will get it right - part 2
It just got a bit more complicated
Ideas above his station
Put up or shut up
The Fluffy Fragrant Commissar
It's the Sun wot done it
The Suez crisis
You can always trust the BBC
I got it wrong
Corporate manslaughter
A shed load of money
What turned the tide?
It's a start...
Give us your money
The EU strikes again
No problem
How will they communicate?
The wrong kind of results
Those Rolls-Royce minds
And now... the European Army
Foreign policy? What foreign policy?
Not good news
Go, go, go
Do they think we are all that stupid?
That clod Hague
The Thursday ""toy""
One does wonder about the French
It always was going to be trouble
Wheel meet again
A debate in the House
Attack mode
A collective failure
Genocide one or genocide two?
They really don't get it
Cut-price Yanks
The Tuesday ""toy""
A matter of strategic importance
It's all Bush's fault … again
An inseparable part of European integration
A different kind of spin
Cash for Kim - the story continues
The wreck of the party
Hurrah - they're all at it
Of course, we believe in free speech but ...
Dyeing for Europe
Conservatives beware
Money down the drain
Realism from the Anglosphere
All in it together
Taxi! £250 a mile, guv!
The cupboard is bare
Blair the tranzi (as if we didn't know)
Utter contempt
Butter wars
Update on Polish politics
One day they will get it right
Oh p-leeze…
European foreign policy at work
A veil of secrecy
Another invisible contribution?
Little Red Riding Hood would not be amused
""Limousines"" but no armoured cars
The billion euro babel
Makes sense when you think about it
Another fine mess
This is what we are up against
How things change
The predictable EU
The advancing tide of disillusionment
Minced euromyth
""We are on our way to a European Army""
The curse of the Eurotunnel
What if it works?
Cameron reneges on the EPP
An explanation
Spontaneous celebrations
Politics Polish style
Plague… houses… both?
Send a gunboat
Nothing in the middle
Off the hook?
""The BBC's impartiality is utterly unfettered""
Let's see now
Don't do it again and you can keep your pension
Silence prevails
The Monday ""toy""
Is there a journalist in the house?
Shamil Basayev's death reported
An important point of principle
The fun continues
Target for tonight
This one will have legs
Compare and contrast
Corporate lies
The conspiracy continues
Spring is in the air
Where has he been all this time?
What are we paying this man for?
Berlin will have to decide
They'll never agree - part 2
Oil smuggling
I didn't know that
Through ""toys"" to the truth
Another fine mess…
President ""Potemkin"" Putin
They'll never agree
As good as it gets
News from the front
Officially dead
Stealing our identities
Independence Day
Feeding the European fantasy
The two faces of the European Union
The lies of Lord Drayson 2
No European feelings in the World Cup
Seen in Whitehall
The words glass houses and stones spring to mind
A nation without trust
Mandelson speaks
Of course we do care
The lies of Lord Drayson
March of the Minnows
The great debate
Diving for cover
Mean streets 2
Jam tomorrow...
""I know who my comrades are""
The mean streets of Basra
Energy wars
The wickedness of the Beeb
Wrong again
Dear Mr Blair, here is some advice
Well, gollygosh!
We've been there before
We are all free men (and women)
Coffins on wheels
Talking outside the box
Tip of the iceberg
The greatest enemy
Week-end reading material
The ministers must lie
What next for the Western alliance?
Democracy or stability?
Denial is not an option
EU wags a finger
Barbarossa Day
""Mobility and protection""
A significant action
Be nice to the French, Gordie
But we are not like those nasty Americans
Another ""surprise"" from the Court of Auditors
Canaries down the mine
On wings and a prayer
Defence – where the debate should lie
What kind of reform?
The wheels on the truck go round and round…
A not so new beginning
Let us not forget Slovakia
A model for all seasons
Directives Digest
Hard times ahead!
How Blair is killing our soldiers
It ain't Brussels, stoopid!
We are all very grateful…
Another opportunity to be ignored
Mr Incompetent
Prodi and democracy
The silence of the fat lady
Living on the edge
Will they, won't they?
A propos…
Well, I never!
The hangover comes tomorrow
Tail wagging the dog
The regular brushing of teeth
That Enron moment
A thoroughly dishonest little speech
Compost for brains
Lame duck ""superjumbo""
Dullest ever ""summit""
Forward the Anglosphere?
More on CafeBabel
First shot across the bows
Paying through the nose
Battle of the blogs
Another regulatory disaster
Questions, questions…
A completely different way of thinking
A cunning plan
The Sunday ""toy""
Danger, MSM at work!
Stealth politics
Cyprus - the minnow bites
Never trust a Tory
The Single European Sea
A certain lack of focus
More labels and more labels
Still navel gazing
Got the bastard!
Keep those migrants in their place
Flying false colours
Saddam ""the federator of Europe""
How can they be nasty about that nice Mr Annan?
We were misunderstood
Says it all
Hey! They’re only Africans
We shall overcome!
Mind how you go
The dog that didn't bark
Shape up or get out
Cooking the books
On the ball
More on the UKIP peers
Flawed priorities
An unimportant announcement
A mixed-up bunny
The Saturday ""toy""
Gone over to the enemy
Peter and the Bear
Political chaos Czech style
Logic, what logic?
Are there no depths…?
A prophet without honour
The jury is still out
Economical with the actualité?
This is truly embarrassing
Are we a nation of mummy's boys?
All so very plausible
Frog eats Frog
We don't want to be divisive
They really are getting desperate
What are we going to do about the BBC?
The CAP of the sky?
Whither manufacturing?
Stop stealing their fish
We can all save the climate
Wish I had been there
All we need are the white flags