29 March 2012

sitemap 3

How different from the political life we know
It's the sovereignty stoopid…
It may be pedantic, but…
We are the bosses now
Talking about them… talking about themselves
Here we go again
The enemy within
What a difference a year makes
The joys of VAT
Ever hopeful
Political schizophrenia?
More reflections
To our eternal shame
A temporary setback
Transparency no, invisibility yes
Negotiating with the Bear
The ultimate in fatuity?
Boring us all to death
The best laid schemes…
D for agoras
Between a rock and a hard place
A one-way street?
Going after the real enemy
Unintended consequences
Not big enough for both of them
The pace quickens
Baroness Nicholson is displeased
Credit where it is due
Another EU success
The engineer of human souls
Can he deliver?
A vote for serfdom?
The march of the EuroArmy
Nuclear fission
All that glitters is not gold
A reason to support the EU?
The EuroNavy cometh… slowly
You wonder what they use for brains
Week-end rumination
The £15 million heist
Of rumours dark and devious
Guns but no butter
Do as I say…
The UN hits out at the US
Detached from reality
In the ""difficult"" file
On a collision course
Flying into stormy weather
Wanted: set of British values
They can also see it
Fishing in muddy waters
We're shocked!
What does it take?
Getting the point
A matter of geography
Quelle surprise!
Cui bono?
The reluctant empire
Could we not all play that game?
Towards a European Health Service
Not long now
Why does he (try to) deceive us?
They get what they deserve
Tight security as Ken meets Hugo
Dereliction of duty
It's still there
I don't think so
The stench of hypocrisy
Have they thought this through?
Boy, when things go wrong ....
March of the jobsworths
The emasculation of common sense
Bi-regional strategic interests (whatever they may be)
Gesture politics
Conspiracy redoubled
One hell of a climbdown
You have to smile
How not to learn from elections
Spy in the (Euro) sky
Human rights are safe in their hands
A question of priorities
That famous European diplomacy
A citizen's agenda?
Whither regionalisation?
Grist to the mill
Europe Day
Another try-on?
Our favourite Latin American dictators
Is it any wonder?
One of our excuses is missing
Death of a sage
A conspiracy of silence
A personal tale
Oh, whoops!
Success with the Poles?
A hidden victory
A matter of nearly complete ignorance
Meanwhile back in the big bad world
Results and commentary
Pity the commission
A mother is allowed - just
A letter to the Finchley Conservative Party
Toothless tigers
A fundamental objective of the Union…
We support freedom and democracy, we do
Assault on batteries
Give me money...
Not of this world
In their tender care
This is entertainment?
Changing the brand
Are you thinking what we're thinking?
The Poles have a government (for the time being)
Fox's glacier hints
Accession plus two
A present for Mrs Prescott
You have to feel sorry for them
Why not money for peerages?
Noises off
You have been warned
Maybe they will listen to him
Abstinence is the only option
Now we are truly European
What did the European Parliament find?
The Indy shows its colours
Dead meat
He's totally bogus
Go to jail
How does he define good news?
A good day to bury bad news?
Well, they voted it through
Aren't we being a little bit precious?
Leaks and prizes
One shouldn't gloat, but…
Off limits
Yet another rip-off
True Finns
Here we go again
Role models
No thanks, Russia
The man makes no sense
A curious suggestion by the Danish Prime Minister
Going backwards
No wonder we are in such trouble
A Tory peer speaks
We are not alone
Passing off
Continuing with the theme
Sadly, they noticed
Two years old
A reality check
No direction but down
This must seem so familiar to the Russians
Off message?
Perfect timing
From the Conservative History blog
Back in the real world
How inconsiderate
If only Peugeot had been American
The Boy King does it again
Statists all hang together
When the lights go out
Surely we should be debating this?
Just in case something was done
Why does the BBC give this prominence?
Vote blue – go green
The groundhogs are gathering
The UN does it again
Couldn't have put it better ourselves
Opting out
Getting in a cat flap
The real civil war
Hostage to fortune
After Dave
I may be gone some time
Happy Easter, suckers!
Nobody listened to us
Hear, hear
What on earth is happening in West Africa?
An Easter Rebellion
The next Italian Justice Minister inherits a headache
They know not what they do
Another stitch-up in the making?
A climate of fear
Another loss of nerve
It is not a European problem
The brick that will not fly
Playing to the gallery?
Beginnings of the Union Flag
Killing with incompetence
The sin of national discrimination
Democracy denied
So ... errm .... freedom of speech is accepted after all
Faster, wider, deeper
Rum lot
Is there no limit to their messes?
Bye, Bye Silvio?
Brains turned to mush
The rioters have it
Sloppy journalism
Intellectual property
The only alternative is violence
The DIY Conservative Party
Happy birthday Isambard
I wonder why
Sir Roy Denman
So do the children play
In your face
My brain hurts
Another election
The UN again
A tough call
Spot the difference
A plague on your houses
Let us not forget
Bailing out?
A beautiful page?
Scum for our money
Do they have a conscience?
Yes, I mean no
A last hurrah?
This is what the hike in the London precept goes on
Before or after?
Not even elective
The wages of sin?
Is this UKIP's new press officer?
One small step for the EU…
Told you so
France negotiates on ""our"" behalf
The Marshall Plan
Chicken and egg
A wonderful quotation to start the day with
Blame where blame is due
Not to be outdone
A despatch from the bunker
Too much reality
Chirac backs de Villepin
The measure of the beast
Yet another fine mess
Why do we bother?
The website is theirs… and a lot more besides
Another fine mess…
I guess they don't read French
Completely off-topic
A fatal confusion
The end of independence
Outcome remains unclear
Turkey drifting away
JSF – ""no decisions have been taken""
A European conundrum
The Dafur nightmare continues
Unlucky for all
Some good news
Freedom has curious champions
Those pesky organs… again
The break-up of the Union
A political vacuum
Them Frogs ain't all bad
Don’t be nasty to Schröder
Well we are still here
A policy without substance
The problem remains
The EU remains strangely silent
Beyond parody
A message from Dr Imran Waheed
Important dates
What fun!
When is a rescue not a rescue?
Britain deserves better
Oh joy, oh joy! (Not)
The Law Lords do the right thing
Eurofederalism begins at home
It has gone
Summit blues
The Nescafe solution
Different reactions
Now we know what the UN thinks (as if we didn't before)
Our unaccountable masters
Chris Tame RIP
And he's got it wrong
They got it wrong
The UN feels left out
Obscurity compounded by confusion
A nation doomed
An accidental ban?
The students are revolting (again)
Busy as a bee
Blog standard
Mon Dieu, les Biftecks rule OK!
Lessons from the masters
You will go on holiday…
Good enough is good enough for the UN
Are we winning? Are we losing?
Once more, the Danes show the way
Another potpourris
An odd nation
Get on your (Euro) bike!
Last exit to Lisbon
Penguins for European integration
Biff, bam…!!
At last they can agree
Business as usual
Sinking fast
Blood on the floor
Sweetness and light (not)
Understating the problem
Trimming round the edges
Are they even on the same planet?
Do they need to be controlled?
And the spin goes on…
Meanwhile behind the scenes
A muddled picture
We cannot afford to be so generous
Tough choices… deferred
Europe isn't there
The drift continues
Whistling in the wind
Competition rules OK!
The dream fades
Anyone seen the elephant?
Not drowning, but drowning
A certain lack of credibility
Saving the world and other tales
Après moi la deluge?
The Boy King speaks on Europe
A certain lack of resolve
A position of weakness
All change at the Telegraph
What price human rights?
Business German-style
So, does it matter?
The equality of wimmin
East, west, home's best
Another anniversary
The perils of spin
The way we were
Stresses and strains
You shall not die!
The European Dating Agency
To the barricades
They do keep trying
Freedom of speech - 2
The trouble with Eurosceptics
Another failed project
I could care less
Bukovsky ought to know better
Trust the BBC
That elephant in the room, again…
More on the Democratic Muslims in the West
Demonstrations you may have missed
The curse of the ""occupied field""
Compare and contrast
You know something is a bad idea when ...
JSF in Parliament
Nice one Roger
It's war!
Just as you thought it could not get any more ridiculous
A picture of England
Stand by for more alienation
An exercise in futility?
Freedom of speech - 1
A man we could do without
I knew it… I just knew it!
...while Rome burns
The fifty-year old speech
You're too kind Neelie
This is news?
Barking mad?
One day we shall reform it
Where did we go wrong?
It ain't all schools 'n' hospitals
Metric kills
Frattini has a way with words
Harris on Cameron
A spy in the camp
The ultimate indignity
Festung Europa
Another day, another failure…
In perspective…
A MARS away…
An erosion of consent
For our next trick…
The EU weighs in
UKIP gets good publicity
We don't do action
Les saboteurs
Will the EU listen?
Which way is forward?
The depths of ignorance
Well, now that you mention it, he has no shame
Speaking of contempt...
Totally out of touch
Brotherly love
Not quite the tsunami ....
Decline and fall
Why do we appease these people?
Pork barrelling
A tale of two parties
Another transnational initiative runs into trouble
Rot in peace
Building bridges
Well said!
A world gone mad?
New Abu Ghraib shock
Low-life scum
Too little, too late
Chose your demonstration
Two wheels on my wagon
Repent at leisure
Freedom go to hell!
The Muslims we betray through appeasement
A community of victims
…and another one
They’ve given them back…
France and human rights
MPs bottle out
Whom does London House represent in Brussels?
Launch another strategy
I thought I was joking
French to the rescue
Wine, women and summits…
Some of our Army is missing
Phew, the crisis is over!
What's yours is mine…
Capitalism be praised
Time to move on?
Lighten up
Did we ever think we'd see this in Britain?
We interrupt this broadcast ....
Without comment
The curse of the tranzis
New cartoons inflame community
Soft power turns to jelly
Egypt did it first
Consigned to the margins
The Harrison Ford solution
Calling all bloggers
Impartial service to the law
Make love not war!
Losing it...
Not Thinking but Drowning
A fundamental loss of faith
The truth is stranger than fiction… sometimes
The sheep may safely graze
About bloody time!
Lebanon breaks ranks
A politically motivated crisis
Arab political ""humour"" knows no bounds
The EU whimps out
Who else is involved?
A defining moment
An interesting development
And now for something completely different
A loss of moral equilibrium
Two interesting links
A Sunday stroll and a Bar-B-Q
Lest we forget
Is the worm going to turn?
Let's be fair to the State Department
Could he be a secret free-trader?
The truth revealed
The peace-lovers gather
Free speech for all
And why weren't they arrested?
Danes bring home the bacon (again)
Muslim outrage gathers pace
March of the morons
Intellectual debate?
Cartoon wars
There is another way
Victory in Europe
A retreat from defence
State of the Union
Mutatis mutandis
A cause for celebration
A dangerous place
The sound of Salzburg
The problem starts at home
What kind of European Union?
Riding two horses
What's in a word?
Fact checkers?
A long time coming
In for the long haul
Another one down
They are going to meet
This stupid nation
The church militant
It has begun
Has Europe lost its soul?
Losing the plot
A deadly combination
Shock wave or, maybe, not
Eat your hearts out boys!
Until proven otherwise…
Lib-Dims shock
Poland still refusing to shut up
Filling his satchel
Will the real Barroso please stand up (reprise)
Czechs bouncing back and forth
Does she ever stay at home?
They should have expected this
Even the groundhogs are revolting
Not so brave after all
Conservatives win election – shock!
News Values
UK to dump Joint Strike Fighter
Droit de suite at the House of Lords
And the ""colleagues"" plot and scheme
News from the Front
Our kind and munificent leaders
The Boy-King comes out fighting (sort of)
Scotland the brave!
Is there any limit to their fantasies?
Separation of powers
Ah ça ira, ça ira, ça ira ….
A bizarre tale
Galloway's troubles grow
A blogger's lament
Delusions of grandeur
A matter of spin
I’m well and truly Googled!!
Think of an advertising slogan
Money talking
All change at the State Department
The limits of the media
Beware of Greeks…
Chirac threatens nuclear strikes
France calls for sanctions
And now we get the bad news
Gee, they noticed (but what did they notice?)
Of friends and enemies
The limits of centralisation
No thanks to the EU
So the charade continues
Mediaeval kingship revived
Right idea… wrong reason
The limits of integration
An international community
A picture cannot lie?
The other economic victim of Russia
Isn't democracy wonderful?
A very fishy smell
The limits of Euroscepticism
Losing and winning
Curioser and curioser
Another unholy mess
The wanderer returns
No longer a myth
Are we talking about the same man?
This is what the ""colleagues"" think is important
The march of the clogs
Little Europeans
Russia is the key
Head in the sand
Troubles enough
Letter from America No. 3
Told you so…
They just don't go away
The shapes of war
Could you make it up?
A certain disparity in treatment
A matter of inevitability
Hidden Europe
A glimmer of intelligence
The death of ideas
Death of a conspiracy?
I'm impressed
Fiddling while Rome burns
This is where our money goes
Looking after number one
It's Chicken Little time
EUFOR in action
This is what it has come to…
French to join carrier programme?
Letter from America No. 2
Dead man walking
An unsung anniversary
Who said we lose influence out on our own?
Down in the garbage
The sound of Europe
A period of silence
Credit where it is due
""Green"" energy in practice
The cost of an obsession
Letter from America No 1
Not another Boy King posting…
Another beneficial crisis
Cut-price terrorists defeating EU controls
A silly idea
How high?
Some conversation
Squeaks of protest
You can't fault the logic
Barroso is king
Poor old Österreich
Electronic tagging
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse…
A Happy New Year from him
Happy New Year from her
Great fleas and lesser fleas
The two cultures
Russia and Ukraine stare each other down
Euro siege
""Run away, run away""
Thieves falling out?
Good news on the blogosphere
I suppose it is important
We are so cultured
The Osthoff saga goes on and on
The strange death of politics
Immigration - the last straw?
Schoolboys should be seen and not heard
What is she on?
Just precisely what has Mr Cameron been doing in the last year?
And so we are ill-informed
Fight to the Finnish?
Well that is that
Russia lurches on
The teflon country
Do as I say, not what I do
Russians upstage Galileo
Perhaps she has been reading the blog
Have you voted yet?
A year after…
The Beeb gets it right?
Merry Christmas
Christmas greetings
UN budget agreed on (sort of)
Peace on earth…
Bad news comes at Christmas
Will there be a ""French CNN""?
What's yours is mine…
The regulatory mindset
Don't mess with Arnie
A lucky chancellor
An interesting detail
Congratulations Mr President
When the deal was done
Something else on droit de suite
They mean to do it
Déjà vu?
A poison chalice
Winning the argument?
Lisbon strikes again (not)
It's our old friend the droit de suite
German deals
Proverbs 26:11
After the storm
Normal service to be resumed
And now for the pay-off
The Beano's legal standing
A fishy tale
Handing over the cash
They've noticed
Talk about trivia
What is it with this obsession with trivia?
(Euro) Santa is going to be late
Public angst
Gee thanks, SecGen
Charity begins at home
And the beat goes on…
Why is this man smiling?
The end of the line
All eyes on Iraq
More on that budget
On losing a prime minister
Just the thing for Tony
Give them the tools
Let battle begin
In the national interest?
A study in ignorance
The guy needs a job, OK?
I don't believe this… and neither should you
Good news from the Met
""Simply not enough""
We have a credibility problem
Could have been worse
Hmm, things can't be that bad
A fruit and nut case
Will you put up with this?
Revolving doors
Meaningful and positive results
Serious money
The distinct odour of rodent
Well, that buggers Kyoto
Let's end the misery
Hypocrisy unlimited
And who's telling porkies?
The way we are
Hey! That's our job…
The Boy-King's court
The last nail…
The £4 million gamble
Unremitting gloom
The boy-king of the Conservative Party
Chipping away at the edges
A most determined case of economic suicide
The death of a policy
Maybe this time they'll be lucky
The coalition of the emitting
The pork barrel rolls
The European history of Europe
The man from Brussels… he say no
Lost in space
A straw in the wind?
The wages of sin
Regime change
The wrong kind of corruption
Is this the new Holy Roman Empire?
Amateurs of the press
A high-stakes poker game?
Decline and fall
Chinese walls
And so to that budget…
What a … (Please fill in the blank)
Not the EU budget…
Laid end to end…
Tomorrow never comes
I can't stand it…
EU Prerogative
Ersatzs indignation
He who casts the first stone…
That nebulous UN reform
As clear as mud
Oh I can't resist this
The EU paradox
Getting round the Karlsruhe Court
A really serious matter
Zapatero is bored
A job for the Euro-Army
What does it take?
So farewell, then Bob Kiley
Iranian bloggers become news
Voluntary integration
Stacking up the air miles
Another reason for not surrendering the internet
Turkey in two minds
The government gets away with it
A price too high
As advertised by Booker
Buried in trivia
The march of integration
Failure equals success
Even more unaccountable masters
Our unaccountable masters: No 2
The mystery deepens
Enjoy the moment
She is there at last
Nom d'un nom d'un nom
A grave and important development
Malta joins another club
The battle continues
In case you were wondering
Our unaccountable masters
European values
They are the masters now
Half a million up…
A matter of little importance?
Fax diplomacy
A narrative for the future
Tackling the mindset
Slaughter of the innocents
The first confession
Tilting the balance
Meanwhile in Tunisia
Your freedom in their hands
Well, well, well…
Freedom of the net is safe - for the time being
Where does our legislation originate?
Less on the blog today
Mistaken identity
Condi has sleepless nights
The EU's spies in the sky
Be careful what you wish for
More bilateral problems?
French leave
The invisible hand…
Taking the city by storm
Where there's EU, there's brass…
The dog barks
Pass the ammunition, s'il vous plait
Those familiar concepts
Useful narratives
Riding two horses
A loss of enthusiasm
They just don't give up
Over before it began
The European model
Remembrance Day
Then there were three
Who forged them and why?
Doha… ha, ha, ha…
Clear blue water
An open letter to President Bush
Where did all those jobs go?
Meanwhile, back in Germany
What a wonderful thought
At last!
Tug of war
A gloomy analysis
I don't love Europe
Looking at France
Intelligent and elegant?
EU popularity nose-dives
Sources of radicalism
Waiting for Godot
Things are stirring across the Continent
A personal note
The two Davids
Ostalgie ain't quite what it is painted
And now for something completely different
Ah, come on…
Czechs in the balance
Merkel's woes
A suspension of interest
Read it and weep
Ethics á la française
Grand coalition or new elections?
Is our government completely mad?
This mad, destructive organisation
French politicians corrupt shock
The law of unintended consequences
We are truly amazed
Something has to give
Legal principles (or something)
A phantom army
Neat reply
Will the French and the Germans go for a harmonized tax base?
Some people do still care
More on Iran and Europe
Talk Sport
The ""beautiful game"" costs money
What to do?
It's up to the national economies…
So, why does Norway stay out?
The president whose name we dare not utter
Letter G in that report
Names will be named
Multiplying the rubbish
I see no ships
Different developments
Transparent it ain't
Holy cow!
Are we still interested in the defence of our country?
An international incident
Nobody seems to have noticed
Dangerous and irresponsible
One can't help chuckling
Feta complis
Going down…
Standing over the gap
French education
Confusion compounded by confusion
The twin has it
Oxygen thief
It never rains but it pours
He's singing our tune
How very appropriate
French punishment
Us and them
Beyond carelessness
A long time dying
Not very Nice
UNESCO tries to control flow of ideas
Reinventing the wheel
Running out of steam
Wheels within wheels…
""Jeszcze Polska nie zginela""
France's little Iraq
UNICEF replies (sort of)
Who are these men?
Volcker astonishes
The world is a safer place
It's an ill wind…
Half-wits of the world unite…
Clarke is out
Collateral damage
Conjecture upon conjecture…
Now we know
A drama so bizarre…
Real democracy
In praise of negativity
A policy-free zone
Voices of freedom
Hold the front page?
Boys' Own
Cameron responds to drugs slur
Old Europe strikes again
A regulation for the Guy?
Location, location, location
F for Fluffy Bunny
Our defence in their hands
Oh this is such fun
A succession of failures
An interesting question
Europe is costing us a bomb
Simply absurd
The net is widening
An expensive bunch of amateurs
Missing the point
Those loathsome French
Who is going to be isolated?
Three-dimensional chess
Get stuffed
Make-work for bureaucrats
Yet more Polish elections
A German puzzle
Cry freedom…
The brave new world
Raising the political game
Time to call it a day?
Tranzis and world government - a comic tale
The state we're in
What's behind the theatre?
Sucking up to dictators
Well, they didn't listen to us
The Fragrant Commissar is being ""mild and rational""
Join the dots
A statement of the bleeding obvious
The embarrassment is theirs
Prisoners' voting rights
Unhappy Frogs
Mouth but no money
Watch on the Right
Through a glass darkly
Together we will… fudge
Stop Clarke
Nothing but the truth
""We should shoot EU regulators…""
It bombed!
The yo-yo chairman
Are you sure you really want to join?
Making a stand
Rank amateurism
In the gutter
Whaddaya mean ""if"", paleface?
I want to live there
Will they, won't they?
From the sublime…
Cold Turkey
Something interesting in today's newspapers
Another part…
Part of the problem
Don't bother
Our esteemed and trusted allies
A further element of flux
A chance to win
This should be fun
They are beginning to notice
She is finally engaging in the fight
Counting their own teeth
Net wars
We are not the only ones
Nice one
A white elephant in the making
Foxing the opposition
A dreadful malaise
French commandos go in
A bonfire of frogs' legs
Wait a minute, she has said this before
Running on empty
God save the royal person
Lies, damn lies and…
Belgium yaps at France
Personality or principle?
Tainted by corruption?
It never rains but it pours
Tanks for the memory
The Polish prime minister
What's his game?
A question of money
Polish poll update
Blair's contribution to history
Ending the rule of law?
The next member of our government?
A small but important gesture
It's time to get nasty
One rule for them…
Spain hits back
Basket case
Matters of no importance to the British media
Taking the 'special' out of the US-UK relationship
A mystery man in the race?
Giving up on Kyoto
Humiliation compounded
A parallel universe
A German veto
In vino veritas
A period of reflection?
The sell-out continues
Of meps, mups and mps
A step too far?
C’est trés curieux
Paralysis in Berlin
Blair burns the Beeb
Schröder on the way out?
Journalists look at themselves
A collective fantasy
They've noticed
Full circle
Fighting for democracy
Normal service resumes
Cameron speaks
A Trojan horse
Encouraging terrorism
Heat and no light
Brothers under the skin
Ceci n'est pas une pipe
An interesting quote
You can't be serious!
The conference season is upon us
Mote and beam
The measure of the beast
Him again
Changed for the worse
He is part of the problem not part of the solution
A memorial
As chosen by Eurocorps
Rewriting history
Good news
The sleep of the damned
The BBC begins to lose its shine
A confusion of summits
Trying out the merchandise?
Those workers are sooooooooooo stupid
Oil-for-food - what is it about?
Who governs Britain
Denied justice
Drinks all round, chaps
And he's off!
And your point is?
Flooded farmers call for EU aid
What will it take?
Power before ideology
Bouncing the member states?
Straw refused aid to Katrina victims
Will Russia start reconstructing borders?
Accountancy begins at home
So that's all right then
Summit blues
Christmas time for China
The realignment continues
Vive la liberté?
Germany calling
The new face of Conservatism
Short-changing the Army
Not a pretty sight
Get over it
Solana is back from his holidays
The EU is too busy creating disasters to help relieve them
Why the levees broke
More news from the fount of moral superiority
Chirac in hospital
Which one would you prefer?
Mandy in trouble
Off-topic but somehow relevant
Gays beware
Rats to join sinking ship
There must be a better way
And I though I was joking
Not fit to run a whelk stall
The fragrant Commissioner is back
Solidarity with the people of New Orleans
There's a surprise
Clarke – an unmitigated disaster
Katrina update
Double standards
It's closer than you think
Turning in his grave
It is all our fault
Some news from the Anglosphere
Telling it like it is
What's in a name?
Well, the Czechs can see it
The end of civilisation
Oh for a grown-up newspaper
The sinking Beeb
The Gaitskell Prize
Dialogue of the deaf
Democracy is not a spectator sport
Bring it on
The trouble in the east continues
Kicking and screaming
Getting rattled
Now we know what aid workers are for
An idea whose time must come
Flogging a dead horse
A crucial litmus test
Somewhat perverse
Welcome to reality
Peace in our time (not!)
Europe accused…
A Defence Policy for Great Britain
Does he know what he is doing?
A sledgehammer to miss the nut
Critical infrastructure
He isn't even a Conservative
Out of control
EU to the rescue?
Conflicting signals
The power of the net
The lawyers' delight
""Secretive and sloppy""
A leopard doesn't change its spots
So, will they have an election?
Another nail in the coffin
How about the truck drivers?
Spud bashing
What will it take...?
Nobody benefits
Too many eyes in Gaza
Lying for Tony
The million pound bomb
A disaster waiting to happen
Dutch Agriculture Minister subsidized
Big girls' blouses
As others die
Merkel's team
Defence policy: what a difference the years make
I know it's serious...
A minimum of formalities?
The tragedy of the Type 45
No tears for the CBI
Slipping away
Much pain and little gain
Mad officials – Irish style
Dying for the tranzis
How Americans see it
Spectacularly wrong
United in greed
Dying for Europe
They never give up
What is Malcolm Rifkind for?
Lest we forget
The final surrender
Let sleeping monkeys lie
Chancellor Schröder tries a repeat performance
Crisis in Germany
What is the Conservative Party for?
Absorptive capacity
More trouble in the east
We are not alone
I said it once, I said it twice ...
The cost of Blair's vanity
Insane or what?
They can't even give it away
Beyond belief
Defence integration – the next steps
Immunities being waived
A major diplomatic defeat
Closing down
Where's the beef?
Are we becoming a little too ""European"" in our outlook?
When the lights go out…
A great example of true international co-operation
Sacré bleu! Et nos vacances?
Why the dog didn't bark
End of the bonanza
The smoking gun
Looking the other way
For the love of Europe
Unquiet in the east
Remember that er… referendum thingy?
Meanwhile, back in Turtle Bay
Good news
Policy interactions
Thanks for the solidarity, mes amis
Doing the decent thing
More of the same
The price of collaboration
The police state cometh
The European Arrest Warrant at work (not!)
The commission is on the case
By-passing the Commission
Forum ideas
Soft power turns to sludge
Dangerously vulnerable
They are not joking
The forum is up
Is this the curse of the euro?
Mind your own business
Grumbling in the ranks
Sleaze German style
Well, someone likes the EU model
Digging deep
Fingerclickin' good
Kilroy quits
Control freaks
Berlusconi hits out at ""Prodi's euro""
Mercs for jerks
The great divide
Those British values in full - 2
Those British values in full - 1
The modernizers' champion
Shutting down terrorists?
The New European Army
France and democracy
Ship ahoy!
Update on the oil-for-food scandal
A little light relief
The war of French yoghurt
Is it here already?
Desperation or what?
Frattini has the answer
A crisis is not necessarily beneficial
That Communication Action Plan
Prodi's logic
Another jolly for the fragrant Commissioner
Normal service will not be interrupted
Wot, no North?
Putting a name to the fight for freedom
So what are we to make of Edward Heath?
Going down
Germany and the European Arrest Warrant
Ten green bottles
The legacy of Heath
He's dead
Edward Heath ""nearing end of life""
You can't have everything
Merkel again
And even murkier…
Meanwhile in Germany
Fantasy island
A dark and murky tale
Facing up to the 21st century
What a total, utter farce
A missed opportunity
A denial of politics
Well, is anybody going to say it?
Getting the government we deserve?
The BBC again
An alien culture in our midst
Merkel disappoints
Too much to handle
There's no place like Home
Not even in London
By-passing the system
One for Juncker
That special relationship
Perpetuating the insult
They all want to tax financial transactions
A cautionary tale
Luxembourg ""backs EU constitution""
Security begins at home
Sooner or later we pay
Booker is back
Smoke and mirrors
Pass the sickbag
The most futile referendum in history?
Hartz and Mindz?
Do as I say…
Beware the bicycle shed
West London
Spitting images
This is all they needed
Have they no shame?
The meek shall inherit the earth
We've been here before
Bombs in London
Not really talking Turkey
Leave it to the élites
Deafening silence
The Euro-Army cometh
Well, we are saddled with the Olympics
A shift of emphasis?
Clear the decks
A straw in the wind?
Software patent directive
Focus groups debunked
Whose money is it, anyway?
A little entertainment
Chirac blows it
Free for all
The EU's efforts are acknowledged
Glasnost and perestroika EU style
A question of blunt scissors
Hoist by their own petard
EU rules come before patient safety
Happy birthday!
Looks like fun
Compassion is soo yesterday…
Who gives a rat's bottom?
An historic day?
Not the Booker column
Sour Krauts?
An unimportant little detail
Lose equals win - maybe
This is all so depressing
Here we go again (and again)
A break in tradition
From the cutting edge
The grip tightens
Maybe they should all arrange their own kidnapping
Leaving the opposition floundering
Set a tranzi to catch a tranzi
Another helping of fudge
Vile pen writes
Europeanisation by stealth
One hundred and fifty years ago
Mugs, yet again
They are not joking
Heritage conference
You win some and you lose some
He still doesn't get it
Piggy in the middle
A sorrowful shake of the head
Prizes for everyone
An interesting theory
A new project
Yippee, another anti-dumping duty
Still waters run deep
Maybe when they have set up their systems they will teach us
I just love it
The shame of the ""super-soft"" squidgy power
A wind of change?
The march of integration (2)
And the walls came tumbling down… (not)
Ban the trumpets
Looking to the future?
Wishful thinking
Hypocrites of the world unite
A vision of the future
We must modernise…
Quotes from the Budget Wars
A tale of two presidents
Napoleon's revenge
An air of unreality
The march of integration
Subsidies galore
Overdosing on fantasy
Born-again losers?
Where do we go from here?
Moving to the centre ground
Sitting Bull on the warpath
Little Europeans
A little unfair
At the limits of Europe
Blair's ""grand plans"" for the presidency
Not time for the obituaries
A media event
Summit collapses - Europe in crisis!
That other constitution
Biff! Bamm! Wallop!
Dialogue of the deaf
First prize
I have a cunning plan…
No, he will not resign
A ""pause for reflection""
Implementation by other means
I don't necessarily agree with all they do but ....
Reinventing the wheelbarrow
Now here is a crisis…
Crisis! What crisis?
Helpful hints
What is it to be Mr Blair?
Will he resign now? Not a chance
Our masters must not be disturbed
Just tell us straight
Head in sand
The voice of democracy
Time for a gesture
A dose of fantasy
""A lot of work to be done""
Meanwhile, in the rest of the world
No Comment!
Something really fundamental has happened…
A tad unpredictable
Forget the gloating…
No Minister!
Constitution ""to be quietly ditched""
Not even in the game
And so it goes on…
We can repress the… nationalism of Europeans only gradually
What a great title
And now for something completely different
I can't believe they're still saying it!
It's not rocket science
A minor setback
A wholly different game
That Rebate
Good start Dominique
What a wag!
Turf wars
The rain in Spain ....
What about our salaries and expenses then?
Nice one Jacques
It's a done deal
Mixed messages
The best laid schemes of mice and men…
No! No! No!
What's this… Scotch bloody mist?
Plan D, sub-plan F (for fluffy)
Something stirring in the European Parliament
A reminder
Do we now get a referendum?
Doing the ""decent"" thing?
One to remember
We are Europe
Carry on governing
Yet more holes in the Swiss agreement
Stroke… and counter-stroke
Elephant on the road
Trouble in the Low Countries
Calling it as it is
Funny… us?
The game goes on
The Swiss agreement is full of holes
Thirty years, eh?
Determinedly Anglocentric
The music has stopped…
The wrong sort of ""no""
An apology
And so to Booker…
And your point is?
Blair – the suicide bomber of Europe?
How Britain fell
Should we have a referendum in the UK?
The voice of a believer
Thirty years of ""no""
How we were conned into Europe
Don't give them ideas
Keeping the peace
Straws in the wind
Shock, horror, Toby Helm gets it wrong
""The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated""
The nuclear option
A whiff of panic?
A dictionary for EU commissioners
And now, ritual sacrifices
Watching the cat-flap
You cannot be serious
Which part of ""no"" don't they understand?
It's the Blogs wot done (some of) it
Why they have got it wrong
We shall overcome
The People's Campaign
Actually, the people got it wrong
It shows the establishment… all got it wrong
A moment for mature reflection
Hell No!
Ratification must go on
And then to Luxembourg
Today's the day…
L’Ancien Règime
Man of the people
Out on a limb
The final betrayal
The voice of bitter experience
Life goes on
And here's one I lost earlier
How Britain could lose the referendum
The things they say
With one bound, they will be free
The fat lady hasn't sung yet
This was their finest hour
Actually, we won
83 percent of votes counted
Banality rampant
As France votes and Netherlands watches
Un petit grand ""non""!
Too close to call?
No means: ""full steam ahead""
French referendum update
Stop it!
Let the voters speak
""Verweile doch / Du bist so schön""
The two faces of propaganda
Cartoon physics
A minor hiccup
Damage limitation
A bodyguard of lies
The things they say
Inevitable really
The creation of the European Republic
We've been there before
Too many questions?
Blinking in the sunlight
Even the Italians are falling out of love with the EU
Of course they are pleased
Blogging lite
Seven minutes to change the world
Mr Blair goes travelling (again)
An increasing note of hysteria
Never taking our eyes off America
Looking for an alibi
Why bother?
Against the laws of nature
Those battle groups again
An American writes ....
There is never any point to appeasement
Great historic quotes # 1
They use fruitier language in Eastern Europe
One must not misoverestimate one’s enemy
And nappies to you too…
A curious choice of words
Of rats and sinking ships
Has Condi been ""captured"" by State?
A quarter of a million up
The best outcome
Bright, this one!
Bring on the terrible twins
They've finally found a use for the constitution
Now is the time for all good men ...
One size definitely does not fit all
The love that dare not speak its name
That just about says it all!
Who is this ""we"", paleface?
Vote ""yes"" or we'll invade France
""Geburtsurkunde für neues Europa""
The lady is sprung
Microsoft misses a trick
Les paysans révoltent?
Another hijack
We have become more powerful V
The business case for Europe
Denied safety
Budget blues
Key word: democracy
We have become more powerful IV
A question of scrutiny
Dr Helen Szamuely
Labour hijacks VE day
Can ""super-soft"" Europe make the difference?
China - a political agenda
Cry freedom
Changing horses
We have become more powerful III
The peasants are revolting
Nato is the cornerstone
The China view
It don't mean nuffin
Dr Helen Szamuely
The fragrant Glenys
No wonder they want the embargo lifted
Blogs away!
The Beeb strikes again
President Bush continues to disappoint (not!)
A lesson in objectivity
Bush disappoints…
All eyes on President Bush
Ever the optimist
The voters’ revenge
How many more times?
Who cannot understand whom?
The people have spoken... (not)
The UK is ""full of hate""
A profound impact on our lives
Chirac in a panic
Bush on Europe and the EU constitution
A question that deserves an answer
Unfortunate, but there it is
This living in a bubble is getting out of hand
The Europe minister is telling porkies
Is the Commissioner telling porkies?
A mixed blessing
Leaves from the EU pensions war
France and America
Italians block European arrest warrant
A wake-up call
Fault lines
A highly forgettable experience
All things to all men – and women
We have been there before
Consumer protection - EU style
Our advice remains the same
The China issue again
We have become more powerful... II
Mood music on defence
When in a hole
A preposterous idea
This will have to stop
Of course, we believe in consumer choice but ....
A parting of the ways
Tip of the iceberg
Economic suicide
Playing Russian roulette in the Middle East
Yes, the art market will leave Britain
The ""McLibel"" travesty
That ghastly Mr MacShame
UN Thugs
Denied boarding
ID Card Bill clears the House of Commons
What do Russians prefer?
We have become more powerful…
The seven basic myths
""New Rumsfeld"" meets ""old Europe""
Yet more UN scandals
Myth seven: qualified majority voting hands power to Brussels
Democratic legitimacy
A tidying-up exercise
Everyone is wrong – except Will Hutton
Figures to juggle with
A message from Mr Tony Bennet of Veritas
Our new masters and transparency
To boldly recycle…
Myth Six: Europe will control our economy
Indicator theory
How high?
Myth Five: creating a European superstate
The troublesome threesome
A new right to be ignored
No ""powerful backing"" for European integration
Spanish ayes
Swan song or dead duck?
Odd meetings
Myth four - the Charter of Fundamental Rights
""Czech this out""
Are they listening to themselves?
The debate in the media
A conspiracy of silence?
Neil O’Brien versus Sir Stephen Wall
Neither common nor a policy
The second reading
Jim Naughtie interviews Jack Straw
The case for the constitution
Something cheerful in the state of Denmark
France in turmoil?
A flurry of activity
The BBC and the constitution
Myth Three
The single European airbrush
Guantanamo and the French
The joys of totalitarianism
The new protectionism
Japan, too, is worried
The government really understands its business
Pushing their luck
Myth Two: the European Army
The battle of the airwaves
Tackling the myths?
Identity politics
Rigging the question?
The system did not fail
What is it about Kilroy?
Au revoir
Ducking the issues
Appeasement revisited
Chutzpah may not be a French word but ....
The perils of symbolism
Gib on the agenda again
Chirac nervous on referendum
Can the referendum be won?
Lunatics taking over...
News of an interesting new book
Banning history
From the horse's mouth
Explanation – or propaganda?
Volcker speaks
Danger - Riddell at large
In Veritas, islamophobia
China – the stakes continue to rise
An ""unashamed economic liberal""
What do they think they are up to?
Bring on the rain
The Tillack case again
Delay on EU referendum?
Veritas is on its way
A Horlicks…
European unity at last
Spanish practices
The unwinnable quagmire
The debate begins… sort of
What Neelie did next
Democracy to die for
The real reason for ignorance?
The biter bit
European Week
Undermining national sovereignty
REACH for your passport
An interesting thought
Making the Revenue shiver
Security woes put £2bn at risk
The problem of China will not go away
Better late than never
More grief than the enemy
A rogue poll?
A spanner in the works?
Apathy rules in Eire
Is there no end to her talents?
Boring us all to death
Beware the ""helpful"" commission
No means no… maybe!
They're at it again
Synthetic indignation
The more subtle defence agenda
That defence question
Corbett versus O’ Brien
""Ignorant and hostile""
It's not what you do that counts
We have found no evidence of deliberate bias…
Perles of wisdom
You’re too stupid!
No difference between us
The propaganda flows
Well, he’s repeated it!
All over the place
Well, what are we to do with Ukraine?
The non-election manifesto
Unprofessionalism rather than conspiracy
EU dirty little Belgium
The Beeb strikes again
The patriotic case for the EU constitution
Are we engaged?
The invisible Americans
The penny is finally dropping?
An independent inquiry (not!)
We got there first
Down to the Yanks!
A European fantasy
Groundhog ministers
Another day, another agency
So who are the masters now?
Cut red tape or suffer decline
Attempts at a new Franco-Russian amity
Ratification roundup
Cut to the chase
What a shame
No plan B
A short shelf-life?
Now this is important
The Bigger picture
More co-ordination
Everybody's doing it
Michael Howard's desperation
Waxing indignant
Wimps past and present #2
Another blow for big business
Moving further into the European camp?
Drawing in the net will save our fisheries
They can’t all be wrong
Error message
The noose is tightening
The path to salvation
Three bags full, sir!
Wimps past and present #1
We have a cultural problem…
That darned question
A reminder
Political calculation
The perils of irresponsibility
Who is using whom?
Quote of the day
What’s the big deal?
When the going gets tough…
Bad losers or what?
How not to answer the questions
Beyond parody
Insult to injury
Ahem, what happened to the Lisbon agenda?
A new class of parasite
Is he working for the Commission's propaganda section?
They are getting the minnows
Musing on flags
Hardly a ""presentational problem""
Right on cue…
Tory's EU hitlist
The price of rejection - not
""Old Europe"" takes to the skies - almost
Figures to juggle with
Puffed up with self-importance
Are they trying to tell us something?
She's dun a Blog…
""Our purpose is to ensure there is an informed debate""
Resentment of America starts at home
Hear! Hear!
Heavyweights line up against Schröder
The BBC ""has no regrets""
Back from Mitteleuropa
Aiding and abetting the enemy
An exercise in insanity
Schröder draws a line in the sand
These things, I do not believe
EU break-up in 15 years?
The Booker column
Setting the record straight
Even in their core functions, they still cannot get it right
He has turned in the wrong direction
BBC Europhile Bias
Beneath contempt
They don’t even own the name!
The price of ""Europe""
It sucks!
This is news?
He’s at it again
The elephant in the elephant in the room
The billion €uro Babel
News from the front
This I gotta see…
You would never have guessed it…
Lest we forget…
Spain in twain
The cheque is in the post
""Europe"" cancelled through lack of interest
Greeks bearing (down on) sh*t
""We cannot have politics in the European parliament""
Per ardua ad Land Cruiser
Playing with fire
Wot, no Szamuely?
Sledgehammer to miss the nut?
Quelle surprise
Loyalty under strain
Feeding off disaster
French government humiliated
Spinning for Mandelson
Institutionally corrupt
A hundred grand
Manipulating the media
Stuffing the system...
Aid where it is needed
The EU must be obeyed
The Marines have landed!
Tory fishing policy launched
Taking us to victory
The squalidity of the UN (and the new world order)
Leave it to the Marines
Zut, alors, les anglais invented kitchen patriotism as well
The pain in Spain…
Trade not aid
Enough aid already
The Booker column
Gender inequality
We don't want your money
A champion idea
The march of metric
Just a thought
Will he, won't he?
Their self-importance knows no bounds
Couldn't have put it better myself
Marshall Aid will not be repeated
Well, we know where he stands
Less use than a discarded teabag...
How they see themselves
Europe, the minor global player
Another detailed strategy
And not a tsunami in sight
Really, one does despair
Putting aid in perspective
Politics and the uses of enchantment
The turning point
And now for something completely different
Even the Frogs are at it
Is that too much too ask?
Doomed to failure?
Football is once again put at the EU's disposal
Learning from the masters
A period of silence
We await with bated breath
Guardian readers
Kofi is really in trouble
Not important enough for the BBC
Is this the best they can do?
A hugely risky step to take
It was to be a triumph of French diplomacy
A sick joke
A sideways look
Mark Steyn on the case
The steady drip of propaganda
The hidden agenda
""Sustainable"" aid giving - a higher form of ""sustainable"" development
All so predictable
The UNcredibles
Free propaganda
Russo-German friendship
The letters that count
Taking a rain-czech?
Normal service
Myth of the week
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
The European disease
How Americans see it
The Booker column
Off the blocks
Well, what can I add to that?
2005 – A New Year
After the tsunami, what?
French admit Galileo is military
Action instead of words
Those ID cards again
Compare and contrast
Actually, they don't want to emulate the EU
It could only be EU…
We the media
Hartz IV is coming
The official line
Time for a re-think
The collapse of Nato
What on earth is going on?
Whose health and whose safety?
Don’t they know who’s boss?
Worse than a tsunami?
Not me, guv
Another cunning plan
A small man with a big stick?
Cold feet in Warsaw
Conscience money
Making a mark
Why doesn’t he go the whole hog?
A pile of sewage
Quote of the year
I support that
Christmas service
It's how you tell 'em
Aren't we so very lucky
Next year, they scream
Being consistent
Luxembourg throws its weight around
We have the word of the Prime Minister
Only boiled in water!
They have managed to pick someone their own size
I don’t believe it…
Iberian woes
Climate conference produces nothing but hot air
A troublesome bunch
The bunfight starts
Germany and Russia
Another one down
It’s the blog wot done it… again!
Dealing with American influence
UKIP declares against ID cards
A petty, vindictive act
How Americans see it
Our PsyOps are different from your PsyOps
An epidemic of accession talks
Maybe this time we'll be lucky (or not)
Latest bulletin from the North front
Top news stories of 2004
My colleague appears to be ""indisposed""
Which bit of no don't they understand?
Threat scenarios
Talking Turkey
Russia moving backward
Mr Herron has been informed
And so to fishing
“The oil-for-food program or the soon end of Kofi Annan”
Join up the dots…
The slow motion coup d'etat
A Turkey is not just for Christmas
Please don't call it a summit
The elephant strikes again
EU budget agreed
Conflicting noises on Kyoto
A union of sovereign states
Now that makes a refreshing change
Swedes still oppose the euro (and are not too happy about the rest of it)
Of maidens and roses
The price of democracy
Another whistleblower goes to court
""Unity in diversity""
And now for the Euro-hump
Would you buy a used satellite from this man?
European malaise
Billy Bunter to take charge of the tuck shop?
Going all the way
The gloves are off
Welcome to the world of diversity…
One size doesn't fit all
Missing the point... again
Thoughts of a European security expert - 1
Thoughts of a European security expert - 2
How others see us
Is it a state? Is it a region?
An ironic transparency
Lord Pearson again
In praise of anger
Check this out!
A curious lack of news
A stark warning for Eurosceptics
Still no proper accounting system
Why cannot the Minister answer a simple question?
From the sublime to the ridiculous…
On the home straight?
A useful reinforcement
The march of integration continues
Keeping ""Europe"" off the agenda
Another summit – this one is a biggie
Referendum Bill may be postponed
China still in the waiting room
Cripes! Blimey! I’m a pr*t!
Democracy Swedish style
Waiting for that question
A calm and measured response
While the EU wonders what to do ...
The Birds
They are going to do it...
Unknown territory
In the merda
Give him a kicking
Happy days are here again
What a surprise, the Italians cheated as well
More fishing
Sniping from the sidelines
We're serius this time... honest guv!
Well, no, they still don't know what they are doing
The death of fiscal sovereignty
Conferences all day long
On not being negative
Blame the managers
March of the ""funny money""
And so to the constitution
Nothing new
Bigger fish
Beyond comprehension
Red tape kills
Booker and Galileo
A referendum would be ""nice""
Troubles in his back yard
Schröder under pressure on China
Giving them a ""kicking""
Muddled thinking
Taking Europe for a Ride
Another one lost
The Conservatives' betrayal of their East European colleagues
China turns the screw
Off to the Tower with him
A false dawn?
Everybody cheats
Now is the time ....
The badges change in Bosnia
Galileo: cat amongst the pigeons?
And the Conservative policy is?
A rose-tinted vision
One out – all out
An apparently reliable source…
Hear, hear!
Under the shadow of Napoleon
One of those days…
He's back ... almost
Understanding of business
A superpower, no less
How do they do it?
Part of the problem…
The true cost of the European Union
More money going to Sudan with little result
Back to the oil-for-food scandal
The EU’s hidden subsidy
A lovers’ tiff?
The Greeks are in trouble again
It’s how you tell ’em (2)
Sarkozy gets the UMP ... and loses finance
Defence co-operation – French style
Forty per cent Mr Brown?
Western Europe and terrorism
The start of the battle
It's how you tell 'em
More than half a lifetime…
Would Wellington have called this a strategy?
What are MEPs good for?
It’s the arms sales… stupid
Give them a stick…
The EU reaches for the stars
L’affaire Barrot – fini?
All these phobias
Losing the plot
They’re getting worried
It’s not cricket
Unfair, cries the Chairman of the Electoral Commission
""What's done is done and cannot be undone""
Galileo: Select Committee report
There is a third way
What is the point of proscribing organizations?
Taking the p***!
Well done the Daily Mail
Just a thought
Belgian government supports peace and freedom (not!)
Local colour
More hidden Europe
Defence carnage – the EU dimension
Are we really that stupid?
Take your pick
Another lurch towards defence integration
Soft on corruption, soft on the causes of corruption...
So where to now?
They’re off…
Je ne regrette rien
It's the politics, stupid
Does he know what he is talking about?
Barrot: stitch-up in the making?
Gone native
Softening us up
Commission tries damage limitation
A soft, flaccid campaign
New Commissioner for External Affairs speaks
Sacrificed on the altar of Blair’s Euro-ambitions
Piggy in the middle
Curioser and curioser
So now we know ... as if we didn't before
Barrot – a French perspective
Some free advice
An old-fashioned textbook - and none the worse for it
Extruded verbal material
Poor old Barroso
Switzerland and the EU
French constitution vote on the brink
EU's renewed aid brings immediate trouble to Togo
The sewers of Brussels
Was Barrot barred?
Farage gets it wrong
The non-aggressive, nuanced military force
Scary times on Iran
A crook's paradise
Commission embarrassment grows
The real enemy?
A think-free zone
Why we need UKIP
At the (part time) heart of Europe
Rattling skeletons
Strange bedfellows
Raising the bridge?
European weakness on Iran
The middle way
Of lions and donkeys
Trouble’t Mill
The Russians are angry
In the money
Bonking for Europe
Chinese news agency gets in on Olympic row
The Jeremy Vine Show
No prizes for diplomacy
Europe doesn’t do democracy
Told you so…
The Bloody British Question
A hotch-potch of ignorance and wistfulness
Children in a playground
Little Europe strikes again
Not in my name
To whom it may concern
Into the arms of the tiger
For those who are interested…
The British national interest
A tad flawed
Double take...
""This is like an onion ...""
You really, really could not make it up
Vlaams Blok becomes Vlaams Belang
Goodbye Prodi
The telling silence of the BBC
Sykes refuses to back Tories
Procurement and the WTO
The unsung heroes
And another thing…
Well, there is a surprise
Klaus hits the spot
What's sauce for the goose ....
The trouble with constitutions…
The continuing saga of the special relationship
Sunday blues
Ah so! Renegotiation
Reflections on Fallujah
A parallel universe
Not a superstate, honest guv!
So you thought it was the British Parliament that legislated?
Financing education is becoming EU competence
The hypocrisy of the EU
Foxes to investigate chicken coop
Iran on the brink… of what?
Working together?
One down .... twenty-four to go .... perhaps
Sometimes, it doesn't make sense
Freedom of speech – Spanish style
Lest we forget
Yasser Arafat
You pays your money and you takes your choice
Losing it the French way
Anti-US alliance ""would split Europe""
The price of democracy?
Quagmire in Côte d’Ivoire
What will they do now in Belgium?
Not a coincidence?
Danes on the rocks
An ironic twist
Another ""democrat"" speaks
France has no need of integrated anti-terrorist measures
It's the Sun wot said it
Cheap tanks, but no bargain?
Stupid and dangerous
Before the Blogosphere there was Samizdat
The really invisible no-men
The hidden hand stays hidden
We seem to have a problem with the Dutch police
Babes in arms
More hidden integration
Who do they think they are kidding?
Buttiglione on Europe and America
Diplomacy á la française
""Spectator"" states
So do the children squabble
Telling it like it us
Galileo in parliament
Targeted gloating
The people speak
Three new papers from Global Britain
Back in the topsy-turvy world of the European Union
Democracy brings its own rewards
OH 10 sails again
Wrestling with jelly
Real democracy on display
Luckless Latvian lady leaves
Almost there
Air wars
Cheese-eating vacation monkeys
The things they say
What would happen if ….. ?
You shall be known by your friends
Lord Pearson asks a rhetorical question
Does the government know what it is doing?
BBC bias?
A tissue of lies
The propaganda war continues
Passing of The Times
Referendums not quite in the bag
Mixed blessings from world leaders
Single market loses its gloss
Further tales of referendums
War in space?
Nothing happened…
More tales of referendums
Pretty map - pity about the opinion poll statistics
Not yet, they don't
Cretins of the world unite
It looks like he will stand down
In for the long haul
Maybe Solana has better contacts than we know
Fears of Russia remain strong
Their Lordships, Kinnock and Patten
Why are we waiting?
The Grauniad speaks
The constitution – an analysis
They’ve done it
Mission Impossible?
Another one down
Earth calling
Nothing has changed
Not a commissioner in sight
Oh really, this is so silly
Russian spies
Kilroy no longer here
Whose government is it, anyway?
Crisis? What crisis?
A tale of two referendums
They don’t really want this discussed
A tool of government
There seems to be some disagreement
On a knife-edge… zzzzzzzz
An EU Space, but not just yet
Galloping integration
Are they listening to themselves - Part X
On the gravy train
Can EU hear me?
How do you define success?
Er… Blunkett is right?
Standardisation as policy
Murkier and murkier…
If you are going to rewrite history, do it properly
It just never stops
That satellite story
Missing the point?
Referendum date for Britain?
Darfur yet again
Under attack
Euforia over Bosnia
The ego has (crash) landed
The Lisbon Agenda is good for another row
The Hague Programme
Ratification round-up
They ain’t kidding
Hidden Europe
Drop the Italian or the Commission gets it
Oh my, another summit!
Leaving the CFP – the Commission’s response 2
How the Chinese see us
Time to behave like adults?
A woman scorned…
Leaving the CFP – the Commission’s response
The Hugo Young memorial lecture
Lord Pearson scores another goal
Governance by management not politics - #2
Where is the debate?
There are more ways of skinning a cat ...
Get rid of the source
He is not that important but he is a tyrant
Just to remind us all
Cheap booze or sovereignty
How Americans see it
Decision time on the Special Relationship
Saving the planet or protecting one's industry?
Not what it seems
We’ve been there before
G5 meeting becomes G3 + 2
China: the ratchet tightens
Journalists protecting their sources? Not in the EU
A wake-up call
Slaughter of the innocents
Solving the Turkey problem
The gravy train gathers yet more speed
More on those pesky trucks
A common European danger
Not a free-marketeer or Atlanticist, just a plain old Blairite
Help! Au secours!
A lurch to the right?
The rotten heart of UKIP
""We are slaughtering fish…""
More on that Commons debate
Europol is watching you
Report from Bournemouth No 2
Not us, guv
Bolkestein speaks out
All very predictable
Gone fishing
Britain is winning?
An incitement to mediocrity
Who needs the constitution?
Are they listening to themselves? - Part IX
A lost cause
Nothing changes
No troops, but arms galore
Italy fulminates
Defence integration – by stealth?
UKIP speaks up for free speech - London Assembly votes against it
German trucks for British Army
Are we there yet?
The ""bacon buttie"" test
ITAR? No ta!
The road to self-government
These principled Continentals
Scare tactics
Of pots and kettles
A new colonial power?
Well, well, well
Croats cool towards the EU
The accountants are revolting
They kept that one quiet
One down…
The French syndrome
Don’t hold your breath
Turkey on their minds
The little European
An American speaks out
Some you win, some you lose
Bullying? Would we ever?
A picture of decline
The worm turns
Booker column
Another one we missed
A basket-case on wheels
The seeds of tyranny
Decommissioning by death
The things that surprise them
A smoke-free Europe
A disinterested statesman speaks
They are still saying it
The (senior) Eurocops cometh
How very helpful
Outsourcing the legislative process
Herding cats
What do they get their money for?
Were the French going to support the war in Iraq?
Of what possible use are MEPs?
Spanish bluster
The Thatcher rebate
Nothing to hide… except my subsidies
Bring on the grown-ups
Of power and responsibility
The doubts continue
Report from Bournemouth No 1
Turkey trots
A question of priorities
We don’t like your friends
Prizes galore
Kilroy may yet surprise us
The Poles’ poll
Opportunistic, or what?
A timely reminder
Why it cannot work
They presume too much
The game is still afoot
A blow for UKIP
The la-la birds
China worries
It isn’t enough
Clear blue water
Doom and gloom
The legislative process as it is and as it should be #3
The legislative process as it is and as it should be #2
Russia and Kyoto (again)
The legislative process as it is and as it should be #1
Live long and prosper
Even the best of them have problems
Booker column
From the sublime… to the fly-tipping
No deals!
They still don’t get it - II
Fifty thousand and rising
What are we going to do about the Tories?
Asylum camps in North Africa are to go ahead ... probably
London House missed this one
Oops, her again
Asylum camps run into trouble
In for a dirty fight
Without inconvenient restraints
Would Marta Andreasen agree?
Germany's deficit just grows and grows
Kyoto in trouble again
You will be assimilated
My, my, quick off the mark, aren't they
From Russia with love
Ad Hominem
Dishonesty sans frontiers
Speaking in tongues
A hidden cost of EU membership
A load of Balls
News you may have missed
Essential Reading
How Americans see it
Glowing stories of good fortune…
Nice work if you can get it
The love that dare not speak its name
They are a little confused
Angels on the head of a pin
Booker column
The special relationship
He’s finally understood!
Kilroy shouldn’t be here?
Russia and Kyoto
What is the purpose of aid workers?
The real enemy
Says it all really
We’ve had enough of this game
Something sensible
The Myth of the Atlantic Divide
A full circle
That other referendum – again!
No news is not good news
Is this what they call a post-modernist irony?
Game, set… to Turkey
They are beginning to notice
We’d never have guessed
Sleepwalking into disaster
Down with the penguins
Who else has diplomatic passports?
Goodness they do talk
What a total schmuck
The march of the hypocrites
A rather unhappy bunny
A new blog on the street
Slaughter of the sacred cow
Neelie again
As a matter of fact they do love free trade - if they can get it
French support EU constitution?
Is there a European Blogosphere?
The Sun says…
Patten moves in
A back-room deal?
Dangerous waffle
Lost in translation?
Lest we forget
Creaking at the seams
Consulting we will go
A crazy merry-go-round
The Lib-Dem way
Extremists gain in eastern Germany
Those referendums in full(ish)
Who is Mr Euro?
Are they forbidden to say good things about UKIP?
Not quite the bed of roses…
Myth of the week
The ignorant Mr Blair
A brutal sacking
Booker column
Well, no, the Brits are not coming
Will the real Señhor Barroso please stand up - #2
The golf-ball as symbol of integration
Pity the postpersons
This is irresisitible
The soap opera view
Don’t stop there
RMT on the constitution
The European idea
Hayek Smiled
And another summit
Mr Blair would feel at home
It's tough at the top
A little airplane accident
No Mr Blair, this was not a civil war
Turkey – all bets off?
Bringing down standards
Out of the frying pan…
A mixed blessing
Who are the guilty ones?
This could be serious
They need lessons in politics
Power of the Blogs
A dose of reality
All this rethinking is very bad for you
Lisbonization, what Lisbonization?
We'll get there one day
A bad day
That other referendum
Saying the unthinkable
The “new, improved” Europe
Wider and wider
Help put a UKIP heart in Hartlepool!
Howard on the environment
Here’s one we missed
We are doomed
Highlights of the week
Those glory, glory days are gone already
Views from the edges
European Parliament wants to hit the big time
Ill-judged by Kilroy
The Booker column
Now Blog this
Sleaze hits UKIP
The ""g"" word reappears
And talking of international aid agencies ...
A giant leap for the EU
The European Parliament tries to justify its existence
The ministers decide
Brown only talks like a Euro-sceptic
The coup that never was
Poles apart
A question of scrutiny
Mr Brown gets tough
The True Paper
Shame on McShame
Another bit of propaganda?
That debate
Sykes comes out
And now for something completely… similar
Missing the point again
Have you heard the latest one about the budget?
What has the EU done for us?
Is Europe working?
White Paper
Confirmation from the master
A wrong turning for UKIP?
A moment of introspection
Another step towards integration
What are we to do about Russia - Part I
And directly from the planet Zog…
Fudge-u-don’t like
Going nowhere… slowly
The new members fight back
The new member states' commissioners are settling in
Muddling through
Prescott to save the day?
Not Iraq, not neo-liberalism ... it must be good old-fashioned politics
It gets worse
Let sleeping left-wingers lie
Polish Central Bank fears further serious inflation
Skinning a cat
A path we should fear to tread
Democracy is not a spectator sport
Booker column
Dutch presidency offends Russians
A distorting lens
An ol’ fashioned power grab?
The invisible ""no"" men
Another threat to the new member states
Not just fudge but humbug as well
Britain at war with Germany
MacShame bids for the unions
The fudge is served
Circling round the edges
""Economic recovery"" too modest for jobs
Not another summit!!!
The ultimate irony
Nickel Neelie the Board Lady
Plans for German EU Referendum look rocky
This cannot be right
Worry about red tape
Sarkozy declares his hand
The government has spoken
New link
Louis Michel is the toast of the NGOs
Eco garbage
A better Europe
That Greek word again
Another summit - this is becoming a mountain range
Asylum - an unexpected development
Romania ready for EU accession?
Putting out the flames
Another fudge in the making
Three bald men…
It would be nice to know what the French really think
A reality Czech?
An ironic possibility?
Modest aspirations
UKIP goes international
Ditching the European dream?
Eurozone economies diverging
The row about Burma continues
The Greeks have a word for it
Booker column
Nature, substance and quality
A load of Bull
Looking in the wrong direction?
A mixed blessing
Rearranging the icebergs
I don’t buy it
""Alarm bells ring"" about Duisenberg
A new book
Spam sham
More on gold plating
Non-news: Hungarians do something unexpected
A real benefit of EU membership
Don't ask silly questions
Elimination of subsidies would be ""utopian""
What comes round, goes round
A strange bedfellow
A Flagship Integrated Strategy
Darfur still on the agenda
Unexceptional measures
A battle lost
Czech crisis continues
UKIP does something right
Between a rock and a hard place
Bloom's Damascene conversion
Another tragic anniversary
The Polish for ""correction""
Northern Cyprus still discriminated against
Another of those secular religions
A virus in the system
A question of trust
The Dinosaur's tail
Those far-off countries that look to Britain in vain
The Booker column
Curious developments in Riga
EU concentration camps?
Dialogue of the deaf
The O'Brien interview
It's the defence cuts, stupid
Neelie’s bloomers
We do not harmonize taxes … we simply set minimum levels
Drivers of integration
Will the real Señhor Barroso please stand up?
The CBI tries to get in on the act
Set a good example
Now it is Hungary's turn
Frog bashing
Just how common is this policy?
Governance by management not politics - #1
Lettuce pray
Bicycle shed syndrome
Arrogant, moi?
The end is nigh ... maybe
Reversing the drivers of regulation?
This will make the Taliban shake in their shoes
Gold-plated nonsense
Buttiglione compromised on immigration?
The end of a love affair?
Are they listening to themselves? - Part VIII
A dud Czech?
Wishful thinking
A leaner, meaner force
Get real
Another piece of Europe in your pocket
The new Commission begins to show its mettle
Galloping to the post
Are they listening to themselves? – Part VII
Vatican comes out in the open
New Blog on the street
A nettle ungrasped
Mandelson in the hot seat
Have we sunk this low?
Where does it all stop?
The EU gives more aid to Third World countries than anyone else …
The Euro-army cometh
Once again we must pause to remember
Buttiglione sounds off on EU border police
Louis Michel is off to a flying start
The thin red line
""They will soon wring their hands""
Reality check for Polish farmers
Should justice begin at home?
A sense of outrage
A sense of humour
Nineteen, twenty, my plate's empty
Eany, meany, miney, mo ...
This story just will not go away
Italy will probably get away with it
The march of the blog
French ambitions in space
Objectionable headlines
Deviousness – all they have left?
A post-script on the Sudan story
All glory but no muscle
Aren't the Greeks having fun!
Myth of the week
Berlusconi lives to fight another day
Another one in the can
China: does our government know what it is doing?
What's in a name?
Health and safety – the new protectionalism
The European Union and the Arms Ban on China
The march of the brain-dead officials
Ahem, what happened to the single market and free competition?
Improving our international credibility
Will the EU ask for an American occupation of Iraq?
More on Xenophobia
Booker: Berlaymont and FRES
Think again Byers
Kilroy wasn’t here
We are all xenophobes now
The EU gives more aid to Third World countries than anyone else …
Czechs and balances
French Socialists split over Constitution
The Friday Column
Hartlepool: UKIP has blown it!
Cloud cuckoo land
EU membership causes cruise liners to shun Malta
Hartlepool: UKIP to “throw” election?
The EU gives more aid to Third World countries than anyone else …
A rapacious predator
The European Union and Palestinian terrorists
Chickens home to roost?
It's that game again
Drowning in red tape
And another thing
Everything’s a priority
Does he really mean what I think he means?
Environment: a battle in the offing
There is absolutely no prrobelmm at all…
No wonder there is a lack of trust
Spanish politicians
On the move in Poland
Sweetness sours for Estonia
Which planet do they live on? Part 2,456,213…
We are all Europeans now
Solana speaks again
It’s still a stitch up
The Eurosceptic’s dilemma
""The electorate has to be protected from making the wrong decisions.""
Alliances and coalitions
More EU-mental disasters
It’s a deal… I think
What a surprise!
Well, diddums
What a cock-up
Monti dumps on France
And the record plays on
Nice one
The rabbit in the headlights
The Russian angle
Time to listen?
FRES – the political implications
Europe and America reversed
Little Europeans
Pity poor Señhor Barroso
Solana shows his mettle
Drone, drone
NuCons on the march?
Want to put Hain right?
Another blunder of Eurofighter proportions
Letter from another planet
The appetite increases
Aren’t we a little confused?
Not made here
Kilroy not to stand?
A very dangerous development
Doha – ever-decreasing circles
Yet another benefit of EU membership
Spain ""ayes"" February
Hartlepool will be pivotal
How lucky we are…
Pointing the finger
Booker column
Why is it a ""victory""?
Why ""European citizens"" will reject the EU constitution
Excellent news for Eurosceptics?
Berlusconi has a problem
Portugal backs away from referendum
The longest assassination attempt in history
Another worm turning?
Can he afford to go?
The worm turns?
Mandy the law-breaker?
One to watch
Quelle surprise!
Another nail in the coffin
Taking on the pilot
The lie continues
The natives are getting restless
Nothing to fear?
Economic freedom and prosperity
France Telecom in the merde
Same old pork barrel politics
More from Iceland
More on (the rather muddled) ethical foreign policy
A message from Iceland
A ghost to haunt the EU
Will the terrorists stand down?
Cresson to face ECJ
What we need in a Constitution
Creative accountancy for Eurofanatics
The things they say
Taxing times
Mr Solana goes travelling (but what happened to the ethical foreign policy?)
Tough love?
Bertelsmann fights back
EDD-EP: Confused? – so am I
Of football and politics
Immigration and the Dutch government
Global warming – it’s the Sun wot done it!
Why I ran away
Mr Morally strikes again
Ostriches at the ready
Portugal's new Prime Minister
The Fate of Britain's National Interest
Ructions in the UMP
It’s not a superstate… honest!
Theory and practice
The fly-tipping nightmare
Are they listening to themselves? - Part VI
Can we deduce anything from the by-elections?
By-election results
The presidential sofa
Compulsory reading
The thot plickens
Not fair to low fares
Removing the Mote
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
A cost too far?
Another ""victory"" on the way?
Barroso plays bland
How Americans see it
A little bit of common sense would not come amiss
Chirac agrees referendum
A dangerous vacuum of power
A permanent seat on the UN Security Council
Do as I say...
Will they postpone a decision on the rebate?
Curioser and curioser
Another twist in the saga
Germany also in the firing line
The elephant in the room
Another dubious ally?
Rome in October
Crisis averted
Commission flexing its muscles
The Common Foreign Policy at work
What are we to do about Russia?
EPP - Tory shock imminent?
The procurement scandal
Political problems abound
How now, missing cow
Space – the final frontier… of European integration
Tory rebellion on EPP?
Good for the goose?
Barber in a muddle
As we see them
Radio Netherlands
Demanding with rod, obedience in all things…
Scientists are no more consistent than the rest of us
More on the Tillack case
The Budapest Declaration
The Greeks do not even bear gifts
Among the grown-ups
Will the EU protest if the Communists come back to power?
FSB says no to EU Constitution
It's all a bit muddled
Commission stokes up heat on rebate
Remember the day Britain left the EU?
On withdrawing from the EU
Our mistrusted ally
It seems that the economic figures are not so good
Be under no illusions
One has to feel rather sorry for ministers
Questions to the Leader of the House
What if the Constitutional Treaty is not ratified?
The price of fame
EU to have its own KGB?
Schröder once again calls for China arms embargo to be lifted
No need to worry
Which matters more: European or national politics?
Rats leaving the ship?
When in doubt, try to have more powers of control
Just make that case
Eurozone to grow?
Let us recall
Global repositioning
Constitution to be signed in Rome
Chancellor Schröder is in trouble
More on that Byers story
Now there’s a surprise
Prisoner JW7874
And the next fight will be ... about the budget
They are thinking ahead
Possible interruption of service
Stop blaming the fishermen - Part II
Stop blaming the fishermen – Part I
Edith Cresson can continue to enjoy her substantial pension
The carousel has turned again
A party of opposites
Almost there
Take the square root…
The troops are grumbling
Pay off time
Who is the outsider here?
Least surprising appointment
Remembering everything, and learning nothing
The wit and wisdom of President Chirac - No 1
ECJ confirms who’s boss
The man, he say yes!
Yet another benefit of our membership of the EU
Are they listening to themselves? - Part V
Only two days to go
You mean we have to spend money on defence?
End of the Special Relationship?
They are not having much luck
It really is rubbish
Tories against the Constitution
What a Messerschmidt
Only three days to go
Shout it from the rooftops
Myth of the week - Europe is being reunited
Turkey 1 - Greece 0
They really are living on another planet
Czech Prime Minister resigns
Only four days to go
Hard life being a failure
We are not going to represent you
Not playing the game
The Booker column
Barking cats
Swivel-Eyed Loon Update & EU Membership
Heading for rocky waters
Only five days to go
El presidente
Poland on the brink?
What is the bloody point?
The things they say
It's the politics, stupid
Decisions, decisions
Belka confirmed as Polish prime minister
That wonderful, impartial BBC
Quote of the week
Stop Press
Slagging off journalists
A far-off country that could be important
Only seven days to go
A carve-up in the offing?
What on earth are the French up to?
Learning from history can be tricky
Is this the pay-off?
Another landmark, of sorts…
EU Referendum round-up
Mote and beam
Only eight days to go
The shadow of Maastricht
Marr laments…
It is more expensive than you think
Democracy is as democracy does
Well, what about that European Public Prosecutor?
Only nine days to go
A failure to understand
Mr Straw reassures us ... sort of
Myth of the week
Worth a read
The Brussels Broadcasting Company
Are they listening to themselves? - Part IV
Not a semantic difference
Red lines wavering
Download available
A landmark of sorts
Myths and reality
It's finished
How they see it in Washington
Read this and weep
A role for national parliaments
Back to the treadmill
You couldn't make it up
I'm losing it...
So much noise, so little substance
The IGC agreement
A summary of the agreement
The European Commission
The President of the European Commission
Qualified Majority Voting
European Parliament seats
Provisions specific to euro members
Co-ordination of economic policy
Stability and growth pact
Excessive deficits
The Multiannual Financial Framework
Charter of Fundamental Rights
More provisions specific to euro members
Enhanced co-operation
Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion
Authentic texts and translations
The UK and Irish positions on border controls, asylum and immigration, judicial co-operation in civil matters and on police co-operation
It's all over - it's done!
Inching closer
Well, there’s a surprise
And now to our ""on the spot"" reporter
A bicycle made for an unknown number
Pure Theatre
Er… Is it me? (2)
Are they listening to themselves? - Part III
Er… Is it me?
When is a veto not a veto?
The times they are a'changin' ... but very, very slowly
Pull the other one, Tony
Assume the position
That’s enough Europe - ed
Meanwhile: Sinn Fein
Something stirs in Belgium
We will not give in to the people
Nobody is interested in hearing your views
Of candour and humidity
Are they listening to themselves? - Part II
They still don’t get it…
Are they listening to themselves? - Part I
The Dirty Dozen
More on those pesky East Europeans
Spain bucks the trend
It's all a bit of a muddle
Well, no, actually it is not about the Iraqi war
And another one…
The power of the internet
Understatement of the Century
Howard’s way - forward
And now for something slightly different
Euro-election update
In praise of apathy
Another day, another draft
The end – and the beginning
Just so you know who (and what) you are voting for
Group Bondage
Back from the Abyss
Howard blows it!
""Perestroika"" europhiles
""Man bites dog""
Without comment
The ""handbag"" ploy
How Americans see it
Implications… and consequences
The demise of the Greens
Some Russians are European
Letter from Rome
Remembering a great leader of the Western alliance
Straddling and migratory stocks
The missing link
Money down the drain
Confusion reigns
Gutless! – the BBC strikes again
The worm turns?
A French protectionist ramp?
Wrong end of the telescope?
They’ve started!
Democracy – EU style
The Blessings of UKIP
You have been warned
The attack of the teenage scribblers
Rounding up the iceberg
Defrocked peers by Lord Willoughby de Broke
People have stopped believing
How Americans see it
Back to the ethical foreign policy (or not!)
Poland looks set to ditch constitution
Summit predictions
Constitution agreement continues to look fragile
Shock news: foreign aid is squandered
Eurofighter – a model of European co-operation?
UKIP at the centre?
Has Prodi finally lost it?
Could it be something in the water?
Towards budgetary federalism
The paper mountain
Managing the media
Is anybody going to vote?
Overtaking the United States or Lisbonization
They just can’t wait
Political Europe – the next step
Building a political Europe
An alternate universe
The benefits of EU membership
Schröder attempts to bully Poland
Is press freedom in the EU our business?
Ryanair fights back
There is always one…
French truckers on the move again ... or not
Whom do you believe?
Just cut out those lunches
Presidency up for grabs
How Americans see it
There have to be better reasons than that ... or maybe not
And so (not) to the wire
Foreign ministers: some agreement, but not much
An autonomous region of France?
A plausible vision…
It pays to be French
""Europe will thank us"" says Putin's adviser
Myth of the week
And we still think we’re an independent country?
The constitution crumbles
Value for money
Russia offers Kyoto in return for WTO
Sense and nonsense on the referendum
Even the Guardian has noticed
Another Houdini-like escape?
Poland in the bad books
Seven countries now back God
Is this the most stupid woman in Britain?
Raising the game
Spanish eyes – on the foreign minister post
The problems we are still to take on
The problems we have taken on
When is a computer monitor not a computer monitor?
God stays on the agenda
Furthering European unity
An ironic situation
A politician's learning curve
Is this really our business?
Hungary enters the fray
A non-denial
One rule for them...
Here we go again ... and again
Making (non)sense of Europe
End game in sight?
Headed for the guard’s van?
I stand corrected
On a lighter note
News Values
Into extra time
A multi-dimensional game
Do we know who the enemy is?
Lost for words
How (some) Americans see it
Another dubious engagement
It’s ""Plan B"" – go Dutch
It’s unravelling nicely
A sense of collective insanity
Will the eurozone survive till 2010?
You read it here first
""Europe yes, constitution no""
Really, you have to start feeling sorry for him
In the bubble
Myth of the week
Howard on fishing
How we manage crises
Dead in the water
Polish shock could doom constitution
What makes good neighbours?
North Sea Oil – a non event
Co-ordination of economic policy
Our indecision is final ... until next week
No decision on composition of commission
Red lines not settled
Budget procedure
It's complicated - and worse
Another new draft
A taste of things to come
The gap widens
New pupils are doing well
It's the economy, stupid
Hypothetical scenarios
Dithering on the edges
Bluster and bluff
Taxation ""red line"" – a figment of the Government’s imagination
Poland – not in the bag
A new fog of uncertainty
""Sensible"" budget deficit rules, i.e. none at all
Brown expects…
Drop in support for enlargement
Whatever happened to ....
And they're off
Portuguese caught illegally fishing by Canadians
It is the fishing, stupid!
Changes at the top
France objects to EU farm cuts
British EU demands reduced to 2 minor treaty changes
Roche denies substantive changes
Brown blocks EU tax grab?
Blair's at it again - ""no"" vote harmful
The Constitution - a fundamental change?
A reunited Europe? No, just a bigger prison camp
So where were they all?
It's the blog wot done it!
We have been here before
Are they listening to themselves?
Patten not up to the job?
Constitution – changes to “justice” provisions
No protection on taxation
A parallel universe?
Red Line - What Red Line?
More of those changes
Constitutional changes - they're mega!
Constitution - it has changed!
Ahern getting rattled
An EU-free zone - almost
Germany – euro-stresses begin to fragment government
EU deficit rules - an utter shambles
A long way to go
A grown up debate
Military simulates nuclear attack on Brussels
Another name on the list?
Marching Morans
EU fraud doubles in a year
The Dutch get tough
Referendum “eminently winnable” - Falconer
EU arrest warrant - we're not alone
Speed cameras for all?
No second class on the gravy train
Lib-Dems bottle out on Euro-elections
Protecting French … ooops… I mean European industry
The secret constitution
Free trade is as free trade does
Whose wine label is it anyway?
The Perils of Partnership
Economics of the EU Enlargement
No visionary in sight
Fishing: it couldn’t be clearer
Constitution: rip up your copies
The ones left outside
Straw dogs
Latvia's ice maiden
Fishing: Howard pledges national control
German aces up the US sleeve
A Godless Union
Deadlock on Patten
Cabinet responsibility for once
The Swiss option
They say tax competition, we say tax dumping
Berlusconi flogs the family silver
That's another fine mess...
Myth of the Week
Booker Notebook
A nasty piece of work.
Straws in the wind?
Deserting the Euro-ship
Catholic Church supports constitution
Patten for president?
Whose wine label is it anyway?
Miracle workers
Wrong England?
EU fisheries control agency
UKIP to spend £2 million
For Europe’s sake…
And whose fault is that?
Well, thank goodness for that …
The marching morons
The navel of Europe
All in a spin
Number of EU Regulations
Chirac refuses to commit on referendum
UK “can vote no and stay in EU”
The Party’s over – before it’s begun
The Great Debate?
Prodi worried – Chirac pressured
The view from Ireland
An epidemic of rhetoric
Daniel Hannan's Euro-briefing
Stitch-up in progress?
Commission intervenes on Italy’s deficit
Parliamentary accountability – EU style
More Bananas
Mr Blair goes to Europe
Survey confirms trend
He is “our” terror master now
We have a deal – for the moment
Who are we?
Poland to join the referendum gang
German journalist’s office is raided by Belgian police …. Again
Voting ‘yes’ is rewarded after a fashion
French want a referendum
EU is 'chaotic and leaderless'
Treaty to test the strongest constitution
Update on EU Constitution negotiations
Czech president says EU stifling freedom
Of mushroom and crises
Wrong enemy?
More on the ratification question
Woolly thinking from UKIP
Accountability? Whose accountability?
The EU’s ‘ethical’ foreign policy
Compare and Contrast
Welcome to Our Prison House of Nations
British Ministers on the Defensive
Here we go again
Euro MP silent
Insight into that constitution
Pull out of Europe, said Mr Blair
Owen Paterson MP Slams EU Constitution in Principle
Mr Eurofighter
How Americans see it
The voice of the enemy
As the old boxing cry had it: “We Wuz Robbed!”
Myth of the Week
Dealing with Fraud – the European Way
Patten intervenes
More on those polls
Booker Notebook
Workers of the World Unite - but not in Europe
A very dangerous precedent
It's the fishing industry stupid!
New fishing commissioner a Latvian diplomat
How they see it in Washington
BNP - straws in the wind?
Two thirds want to stay in EU
E-day puts EU flags in short supply
Comment by Peter Troy
Blair told ballot was risky
French an also-ran as English tops the EU
No ""plan B"" for the constitution
Do we really want to be part of this?
Walking the walk
Germans favour EU referendum
Stakeholders and chips
FSB - on the sidelines?
'No' campaigners desperate to sideline hardline Eurosceptics
Has Blair run out of choices?
The EU Constitution: Threat or Opportunity?
A letter to Michael Howard
Danger, democrats at work
Firms say no to EU sign-up
This is what we are voting for
Czech president slams European Union
The European Council
A new blog on the street
Mustn't get political...
More news from the Low Countries
As stupid as he sounds?
Taking to the boats?
Try to catch us up
Alexander believes ""Yes"" camp can win
Other battles, other polls
Here is another reason to vote ""non""
The bones of the argument
And so they drivel on
Move over children...
A hostage to fortune
Do we care?
New ""no"" website
Transparency… but not just yet
Cinq gardes du corps et dix salaires
The ""Vote-no"" campaign resurfaces
Mote and beam
Terrorist sympathisers
The People's ""No"" Campaign
Europe-free farming
A Tory in distress
He doesn't seem to have got the point
The ""famous five"" in trouble
The privilege of the harlot
A reminder of the tsunami and transnational bureaucracy
EU taxes galore
Group blogs
A fragrant SOS
Duff gen
A matter of impossibility
We are all agreed
A worried Europhile
They didn’t put that in the manifesto
Fresh vomit
One to watch
This may not be news but ...
It seems there will be a Czech referendum
Le chat out of le sac?
An idea whose time has gone
It gets murkier
Post-script on the tranzis
News from the tranzis
A few quotations
Dear Diary
Assuming the ostrich position
Contaminating the argument
Galileo stitch-up
Another one down
""Non"" and ""ja""
Out of options
You could not make this up
All systems go
Rewriting history before our very eyes
Latsis - the cover-up continues
Tells you all
A question of priorities
Pig ignorance
It's the Blog wot done it – again!
Dark days ahead
None of its business
See foot, take aim… fire!
Raiding the nursery
Who would be prime minister?
Memo to Margot - 2
Memo to Margot - 1
The brooding elephant
Another reason for voting against the constitution
An apologia
Fini reassures (almost) everyone
Two weeks and no posting
Gutless MEPs
Vile bodies
How low can they get?
Now for some good news
And so to the referendum
Bye-bye Denis
Crystal ball gazing
The ""UKIP effect""
Getting a little worried
Missed one
UKIP's 26th scalp
The lies of Barroso
UKIP won it for Labour
Whose victory will be celebrated?
Margot is not a happy bunny
And counting…
Do they know something we don't?
Another German tax reform (perhaps)
Pain in the offing
Expect some big surprises
A sensible comment from Mr Blair?
News from the Low Countries
L'escroc Chirac speaks again
All so dreadfully familiar
A reminder
The first anniversary
Environmentalists harm the environment
He's got it!
Latsis and Barroso
The tide is turning
""Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!""
In the lap of luxury
Brown and Cabinet talking through their hats
""Quand je vois ça je vote 'oui'""
Which planet are they on?
The Council of Europe may send the shock troops in
The International Federation of Journalists lives in a world of its own
Beyond parody
Sinking ships
In praise of referendums
French all at sea
A failure of enforcement
I guess we all missed this one
Sharing the fantasy (not)
More on the UN and human rights
The election that never was
""Defrocked"" peers speak up again
Other peoples' money
The consensus under pressure
Was nun?
Could we have something new, please
Poll predictions
Rich and powerful friends
The cat is out of the bag
We return to the Tillack case
Stop giggling
More news from the Dutch front
A shrivelled campaign
He simply doesn't get the point
Another bonfire
Czechs but no balances
She just wants to deal with every-day issues
By popular request
Budget woes
God has a sense of humour
Something old, something new
Europe is missing
Barroso sleaze – we spill the beans
Happy (belated) birthday
And the next Napoleon will be ...
Constitution muddles
Another week ...
So the integration continues...
Naughty little Margot
Condoleezza Rice supports ""EU completion""?
If the price is right
Splits on response to French ""non""
Galileo – the dangers multiply
As you were
Neelie is disappointed
""Nons"" waning?
Bush's sense of humour - 1
Looking in the wrong direction
When are they going to get down to serious politics?
Children must be seen and not heard
WTO talks stall again
Is Brown trying to blow it?
One rule for us… and another for the French
News from the Dutch front
Surprise, surprise - Greece says yes
Beyond comprehension
Rock stars and logic do not mix
Governance by management
Sleaze hits Barroso
French opinion firms up
Referendum looks doomed
The cost of regulation
A flying black hole
The three percent problem
The one that got away?
Chirac finds no favours
Sense prevails
Lies, damned lies and Barroso
Pie-throwers get ""no"" money
Danger, children at work
Where we lead they follow
More hidden Europe
The worst of all possible worlds
No renegotiation
More porkies from the commission?
Pay-back time
The real alternative
Was this worth waiting for?
The Russians will send the Constitution into space
Rigging the debate
It hurts so much...
Proxy Error
No UK referendum?
Bring in the OSCE
Mugabe speaks out
Making Europe work better for Britain
Did we miss something?
A case for the European Human Rights industry?
Unknown Host (Error 500)
Are we in the least bit surprised?
A funny old world
Another domino?
How to ""move forwards""
Blah, blah, blah
Strange bedfellows
Serious stakes in a serious game
Spreading European values
We are waiting again
Drawing the line
The Toynbee speaks
We have become more powerful XII
The Conservative Manifesto
We do not disagree
Vile bodies
Scaredy cats
Plan B is Plan A
Horses for courses
Time to get real
A modicum of strategic thinking
The dominoes are falling
Dutch apathy deals another blow to EU poll
Woops… France in the merde
The ""unknown"" law enforcers
Another federal power grab
A rather muddled bunny
Should we join the civil society?
The Dutch join the fight
On the road to tax harmonisation
Our gallant allies
A hole in Gordon Brown's pocket
Double vision
EU budget - in for a hard time
Incoherent text
A message from Zanu-Labour Party
Postal voting is still safe system
Panics, defiance and laughs
The defence debate
She's back
As transparent as a black box
Selling arms to dictators
Done and dusted
Fantasy politics
Waiting for MargGodot
A message from your leader
EU observers?
Business as usual
Passing of a great man
Abuse of powers?
Now here's some real surprises
We have become more powerful XI
Spot the similarities
Six down and still ""non""
Damn them…
An odd symmetry
Why are we waiting?
So you reckon there is no connection?
Normal service resumes
Stakeholders at the ready
On this day…
Blogs away!
Going to the Blogs?
Even Hollywood luvvies turn on the EU
Human Rights and how they are monitored
Acknowledging the obvious
Making mischief
Watching anxiously
Defence of the realm
The EU shows its “humanitarian” credentials – part 2
As I was saying
Here we go again
And what if the ""nons"" win?
Surprise, surprise
The God squad intervenes
Softly, softly...
French ""nons"" firm
Good for the goose...
A fragrant absence
A sunset in Europe
What's in an ""N""?
Chancellor Schröder tries to shift the blame
An air of unreality
The supersoft power finally makes its appearance
The EU shows its ""humanitarian"" credentials
Define international law
The death of politics
Exactly what do they think a eurosceptic is?
Electoral corruption in the offing?
Is the Pope a Catholic?
They are getting closer
Ambition without substance
Do as I say...
MacShane cons the French
Hidden Europe
French opposition strengthens
The (Single European) fat lady hasn’t sung yet
Another one down
Space – the great divide
The Single European Bully
They seek it here, they seek it there ...
The man who lost Europe
Will the real constitution please stand up?
A non-runner
""La directive ne sera pas retirée""
Water, water everywhere
Arms and the EU
Starving poets (not!)
Play up, play up
A contrary view
A collective psychosis
Looks like the embargo might stay
Barroso's dilemma
Time for some questions
The ghost of Bismarck
A certain lack of diplomacy
Reform of the UN
Buba ain't happy
Gallic chickens home to roost
""Myopic and xenophobic""
Progress... of a sort
The Single European Tank
It's now or never...
Lying is simply talking
Damned either way
The odd couple
That's all right, then
The Greeks have really done it
Something original please
The Big Five decide
A tetchy Peer
You are on your own
It doesn't make sense II
It doesn't make sense
""Non"" au traité constitutionnel
Seriously underwhelmed
A parallel universe
Where's your story of the future?
It makes the whole world kin
We have become more powerful X
An indigestible pudding?
Does Europe actually want to play a part in the world?
Whom the Gods wish to destroy...
The two faces of the commission
And your point is?
Can we expect a cheque in the post?
Will the real Señhor Barroso please stand up (reprise)
A Chink of light?
""Mission impossible""
The EU constitution as an American plot
""We have ways of breaking people like you""
Something's rotten in Brussels
Let's call the whole thing off
These are our friends - part 2
They are building a continent
And while we’re at it
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Neither dead nor buried
The Dutch are undecided
Rank hypocrisy
We have become more powerful IX
Worth a bet
Gazing into a yawning chasm
A look in her own back yard
We can reliably inform you…
We have become more powerful VIII
Is Wallström lying?
When thieves fall out
NGOs feel the cold wind of reality
Losing faith in Europe
The bloggers are on the march
Worth noting
Surely terrorists fear European integration
Groundhog day?
Retro Europe
Miss Constitution?
A very unhappy bunny
These are our friends - part 1
We have become more powerful VII
Not an issue
The farce continues
In the national interest
The real face of the EU?
English as well please
Too little pain
An unhappy bunny
The price of membership - £180 billion
Flying pigs
The EU's judicial land grab
Hope for us yet?
That software ""stitch-up""
Progress… in the wrong direction
Gnashing of teeth
They are not playing soft ball
Our money in its mouth
Happy Birthday to the IEA
One that got away
Poor dears
Brussels calling
Shooting fish in a barrel
Not a pretty picture
EU's anti-terror chief keeps complaining
Generation Games
A matter of perspective
PC Witney
White man speak with forked tongue
Happy Sunday
That French referendum
Interesting times
The pain in Spain II
Banging your head against the wall
France names the day
We have become more powerful VI
Euroscepticism in the world
Welcome to reality
Money isn't everything
In the service of integration
A Bill of Frights
Disingenuous and misleading
More trouble than it can deal with
Poles apart
Time for the sham to end
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Fantasy politics
UNICEF is on the march again
Bovine democracy
The number one environmental issue for farmers
The great ""democrat"" writes
Common cause with the Europhiles
Where is that street?
Master of the universe
The wages of appeasement
But why is it ""the only way forward""?
The advantages of being left behind
Why can't we do it here?
The EuroCop speaks
A huge success
Denmark names the day
Euroscepticism knows no frontiers
Politics and Hollywood
Are we fools led by liars?
The birth certificate for a new Europe
They eat domestic solipeds, don’t they?
They're at it again
Judicial integration continues
Decision time gets closer
Big brother cometh…
The secret is out
Cruella is back!!!
A huge political mistake
The Old Swan Manifesto
The elephant in the letter box
Making a mockery of themselves
Muddling through is awfully jolly